$30M Recovered From Axie Infinity Hack

Axie was hacked this year for $600 million

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$30M Recovered From Axie Infinity Hack

The crypto analytics company Chainalysis revealed on Thursday that it had assisted in the recovery of around $30 million taken from Axie Infinity earlier this year.

Law enforcement officials were able to retrieve the assets, which were taken by Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacker group linked to other cryptocurrency thefts in recent years, according to Chainalysis’ Erin Plante in a blog post.

“More than $30 million in cryptocurrency stolen by hackers with ties to North Korea has been recovered with the assistance of law enforcement and top cryptocurrency industry organizations.

We are convinced that this won’t be the last time cryptocurrency stolen by a North Korean hacking cell has been seized “said Plante.

This past spring, hackers stole over $600 million from Axie and laundered a large portion of the money through the privacy mixer Tornado Cash.

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Tornado Cash was eventually penalized by the US Treasury Department for aiding in money laundering.

Requests for a response from a Treasury Department spokeswoman were not immediately fulfilled.