Adidas Teams Up with STEPN for NFT Sneaker Collection

Adidas Teams Up with STEPN for NFT Sneaker Collection

Adidas Teams Up with STEPN for NFT Sneaker Collection

Adidas collaborates with STEPN for “STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneakers” NFTs on Solana via Mooar.

The Solana-based smartphone app STEPN (GMT), which allows users to get incentives for walking, jogging, or running, has partnered with Adidas, a manufacturer of sportswear and footwear. Together, they will introduce “STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneakers,” a limited edition of 1,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

We will mint these NFTs on the Solana blockchain and sell them on the NFT marketplace Mooar starting from April 17th. Each NFT will cost 10,000 units of STEPN’s native GMT token.

There will be two phases to the distribution of the collection using the raffle method. On April 17th, the first round of the NFT sale will begin, with 200 NFTs reserved for the most devoted users. Subsequently, the public lottery scheduled for April 18–21 will constitute the second phase, wherein the remaining 790 NFTs will be made accessible to the public.

Members of the Adidas and STEPN FSL communities will have priority, and on the first day, only those on the allowlist will have access. The Alts by Adidas NFT holders, OG and Genesis holders, owners of the “Effective Mover 6” badge on STEPN, members of MOOAR Membership level 5 and above, and those with the Gas Hero Badge or Genesis Holders status will all be included in this list. We recommend potential participants to set up their STEPN accounts by email before April 16th.

With new partnerships, STEPN expands the “Phygital” rewards landscape and gives the community $30 million worth of GMT tokens

After partnering with Asics in 2022, this agreement with Adidas is STEPN’s second with a footwear business. Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN, emphasized the importance of this collaboration by describing it as a “phygital,” or fusion, of the physical and digital domains. Collaborations between globally recognized brands like Adidas and popular lifestyle programs like STEPN, according to Shiti Manghani, represent the changing nature of lifestyle incentives.

Through an airdrop last week, STEPN recently gave away bonus points to its users in the form of GMT tokens, valued at a total of $30 million.

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