Ancient Bitcoin Wallet Holding 407 BTC Gets Reactivated

The ancient wallet has been dormant for about eight years.

Ancient Bitcoin wallet containing 407 BTC ($15.5 million at press time) has been activated for the first time, since 2013, according to data given by Whale Alert.

The coins were valued at $355,254 when they were first released, implying a gain of 4,266 percent.

On major spot exchanges, bitcoin is now trading at around $38,000.
It’s possible that the wallet awoke from its slumber after its owner eventually unlocked it. It’s also not impossible that someone possessed such a strong conviction.

Several similar Bitcoin wallets have resurfaced in recent months after years of inactivity. Addresses from 2011 tend to draw the most attention because they could be linked to none other than Satoshi Nakamoto.

Meanwhile, in late February, a dormant Ethereum wallet containing more than $5 million in ETH awoke.