Axie Infinity gets featured in Nas Daily’s Crypto Week series

Jeffery “Jihoz” Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, discusses the internet’s future through NFT-powered PlayToEarn blockchain video games.

The PlayToEarn blockchain game, Axie Infinity, was featured as part of a Crypto Week Series on Nas Daily by Nuseir Yassin, an internet video blogger known for recording one-minute films for a thousand days straight.

Jihoz, the growth lead at Axie Infinity, was featured in the third part of the series to discuss the present state of the video game industry and how blockchain technology might help shape the internet’s future while also providing value to game producers and consumers.

“This is a crazy video because this guy right here (Jihoz) created a new type of game that will blow your mind,” Nas started his video saying. “You can spend years of your life playing a game and get nothing in return. And even worse, the people who code the game don’t see much benefit either.”

Highlights of the episode

In the existing structure of the business, 50 percent of game sales go to app stores and publishers, the so-called “middlemen,” according to the video. The vast majority do not even contact the game producers, and gamers receive no compensation at all.

“There are huge middlemen , the app stores [and] the publishers, that are extracting way too much value from these gaming ecosystems,” Jihoz explained. “We believe that [the] majority of the value should be going to the gamers [and] the game developers that are actually doing [the] majority of the work.”

Nas then went on to describe how NFT gaming works using Axie Infinity as an example, before shifting the focus to the Axie Infinity Community by showcasing AxieLima’s Axie Infinity tattoo. Only 20% of the Axie Infinity assets are owned by Sky Mavis, with the remaining 80% belonging to the community.

“I’m very pleased to be a part of such a wonderful effort that is transforming the world,” AxieLima said. “I have the utmost respect for everyone who is a part of the community.” To us, the community is everything.”

This wasn’t the only Axie Infinity video in the Crypto Week Series on Nas Daily. Nuseir Yassin previously highlighted an Axie Infinity content producer from the Philippines. A fast-food employee turned Uber driver to make ends meet, KooKoo. He had to leave college because it was too pricey.

So, with Axie Infinity as his back-up, KooKoo prepared useful information for gamers, especially Filipinos, to easily learn Axie Infinity and earn from the PlayToEarn game. He presently teaches Axie Infinity for Beginners via KooKoo Crypto TV on Nas’ educational website, Nas Academy.

The Axie Infinity team has said that they see Axie as an entry point into crypto. The collaboration with Nas Academy and Axie Influencer, KooKoo Crypto TV, is a step in that direction.

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