Baanx Announces Its New Office In Europe

Baanx announced its plan to expand its services by opening up new offices in various regions of Europe in order to cater to the massively growing industry and promote mass crypto adoption
Baanx Announces Its New Office In Europe
Baanx Announces Its New Office In Europe

Baanx Expands Its Presence In Europe

Initially based in London, Baanx is paving the way for the future of financial services by bridging the gap between fiat currency and digital asset technology.

The company intends to expand its presence in Europe in order to cater to the massively growing industry and promote mass crypto adoption by simplifying the process.

As Portugal becomes more crypto-friendly by the day, the company has decided to open its next office in Lisbon. As Lisbon expands its acceptance of Bitcoin, the company has already laid the groundwork.

Baanx’s Lisbon of Operational Excellence, which opened earlier this month, has a capacity of more than 25 people. In the near future, the company will also announce the opening of another office.

Given the massive growth that the company has seen since its inception, with partnerships with massive names such as Tezos, Ledger, and Akoin, it appears that the next logical step is to up its game and bring more utility to its users.

The company expects to double its workforce by the end of the year and to launch its products and services in the United States market soon.

“As the world grows to further adopt cryptocurrency, we aim to be an integral part of this development. We’re proud to be opening up new offices and having more talented employees working for Baanx as we continue to grow. I am proud of the progress we have made at Baanx and look forward to a bright future.” said Garth Howat, CEO of Baanx

What Is Baanx About?

Baanx is a disruptive project that is building an infrastructure to help the industry provide digital asset-friendly, high-quality, and secure B2B2C services.

This global expansion will bring the company one step closer to realizing its vision of global crypto adoption.

The company provides Fintech services to the digital asset sector, such as “Better Than A Loan” crypto drafts and payment authorization integration into VISA, Mastercard, and other transaction payment systems.

The headquarters of Baanx are in London (UK), with subsidiaries in Delaware (US), Portugal, and Lithuania.

The company manages digital assets with maximum privacy and security, including digital asset insurance of up to $100 million through their partners.

The company is launching services for over 25 high-profile clients, including Ledger, the world’s largest hardware wallet provider, which has 4 million customers worldwide.

The company is led by an experienced team with over a century of combined experience in banking, financial technology, cryptography, finance, and digital marketing.