Base to Support Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade

Base to Support Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade

Base to Support Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade

Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, plans to support the upcoming Dencun upgrade, including the implementation of EIP-4844.

Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has declared its intention to add support for the soon-to-be-completed Dencun upgrade, which will include the much-anticipated EIP-4844, an initiative to lower network costs.

It is believed that costs for Layer 2 users would be significantly reduced when Dencun is introduced on Ethereum. Base estimates that this reduction will be more than ten times, with rollups being the most positively affected. According to a written statement from Base, “Day 1 support will be available for the Dencun upgrade.” This upgrade is anticipated to reduce user fees by 10-100 times due to greater data availability for rollups.

In addition, the update is expected to improve the efficiency and speed of transactions, which will open up decentralized applications in many fields including on-chain gaming and limit order book exchanges. Polygon, zkSync, and Arbitrum are just a few of the Layer 2 projects that have voiced their hopes for lower prices following the Dencun upgrade.

Base, an incubated project of Coinbase, aims to increase the number of users on the blockchain with the eventual goal of decentralization. Optimism and the platform’s developers worked together to create the Bedrock edition of the OP Stack.

Dencun Updates to Bring EIP-4844 and Improve Data Availability

Modifications to enhance data availability will be introduced by the Dencun upgrade, which is scheduled for March 13. This update will provide several technical improvements, including the long-awaited proto-danksharding feature through EIP-4844, as well as features like temporary storage and “blob” transactions.

More efficient transactions across Layer 2 scaling solutions are made possible by blobs, an extra feature of Layer 1 blocks that improves Ethereum’s data availability without affecting the current infrastructure. Even when network congestion is at its worst, prices remain low because there is a separate charge market for blobs.

There is a subsequent intention to upgrade the Ecotone OP Stack after this upgrade is deployed on the mainnet. The Optimism Superchain ecosystem, which includes Base and other participants like Mode, Zora, Aevo, and Fraxtal, will be able to reap the benefits of this upgrade.

In a written statement, Base expressed their immense excitement at the release of this crucial upgrade to mainnet. They also acknowledged their collaboration with OP Labs, Ethereum Foundation, and other Ethereum core development teams in making this upgrade a reality. In order to keep expenses down, the team stated that Base will keep contributing to danksharding and optimizing the OP Stack in the next phase.

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