BBC Pulls Off Documentary About Supposed Millionaire Crypto Trader

Following fraud allegations, the BBC has decided to cancel a documentary and a story on a self-proclaimed wealthy crypto trader.
BBC Pulls Off Documentary About Supposed Millionaire Crypto Trader

Hanad Hassan, a 20-year-old Birmingham native, reportedly transformed his GBP 37 into GBP 6 million in cryptocurrencies in a single year following a successful career as a trader, according to The Daily Mail.

Hassan dedicated his life to charitable causes despite living a luxury lifestyle, according to the documentary “We Are England: Birmingham’s Self-Made Crypto-Millionaire.” Hassan also claimed to have set up a charity-focused cryptocurrency, which was abruptly shut down in October of last year.

What you should know Orfano

The piece has now been removed from the BBC website, which was also advertising a documentary on Hassan’s life, which claimed he had a net worth of GBP 5.9 million. He was born in Somalia, according to reports.

Hassan created a phony cryptocurrency called Orfano, which he debuted in April. The cryptocurrency was created with the intention of allocating 3% of all funds raised to charitable causes. In fact, superstars such as Akon and Amir Khan have endorsed Orfano.

However, things shifted abruptly as well. In the aftermath of the broadcast, one putative investor posted on social media, “We “all lost our f money due of your hoax.” Of course, that wasn’t the only remark accusing Orfano of being a con artist that crossed the wires.

The website is still up and running

Orfano’s website is still up and running as of press time, but its Twitter account has been idle since October, when the scheme touted the token’s presale.

The scam’s claims were met by a response from a Twitter account purporting to be Hassan:

“No, I didn’t earn any money off of it personally… The goal of the relaunch was to re-ignite interest in the charity and allow more people to give; holders kept their investments and later sold them since liquidity was still available.”