Bee Network Introduces Two New Features to Platform

Bee Network, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), recently launched two new features. The first is a dApp browser, while the second allows users to connect their Bee Wallet to third-party services like OpenSea.
Bee Network Introduces Two New Features to Platform
Bee Network Introduces Two New Features to Platform

The Network is a one-of-a-kind blockchain that allows users to earn incentives with its native token, Bee. Users can use the GamiFi app to get Bee on their mobile devices and become a part of a community with millions of members.

It was created to act as a hive, with each worker having a specialized role and being able to operate in a tight network without the supervision of a central authority. To progress and prosper, the project relies on its community members and contributions.

As previously stated, the Bee Wallet can be connected to marketplaces using WalletConnect. Users can connect their wallets by selecting WalletConnect as their wallet while logging into the platform, as seen below.

After that, users can use their Bee Wallet’s QR scanner to scan the code issued by WalletConnect. As shown in the figure below, this allows the user to connect to OpenSea or any other marketplace and then approve the connection.

Users will also have the ability to interact with other DApps and Web3 experiences, such as NFT games. This will reduce friction in the process of locating and connecting to decentralized applications as part of their dApp browser feature.

When a user uses their Bee Network App, they can search for and select the NFT project, as seen below. Users will discover the Square option at the bottom of the screen, where they can access their favorite projects.

The approach was designed to be straightforward and quick, so users only need to join the project and connect their Bee Network wallet after choosing an NFT project. Additional information on the NFT game, its native blockchain, features, supported OS systems, languages, and more will be available through this feature.

Bee Network and its swarm of contributors will seek to make it the hub for the next phase of the internet, dubbed Web3, and to expand its ecosystem in the future. By using the possibilities of blockchain technology, the project will deliver mobile games powered by the unique GameFi Model, social media networks, markets, and other services.

The Bee Network currently has over 1 million users, according to its Whitepaper, and is rapidly approaching the 10 million user mark. On the platform, there are about 18 million bees.

Unlike other blockchains, Bee Network has built a Know Your Customer (KYC) scheme that ensures user safety and prohibits bad actors from engaging in illegal operations.

When the project reaches the ten million user mark, it will enter its final phase, in which it hopes to enroll 100 million members with a native exchange marketplace and develop an open internet network on top of its community.