Best Crypto YouTube Channels To Follow

YouTube is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about cryptocurrencies. But which crypto YouTube Channels are the best? Read on to find out.

Regardless of your cryptocurrency experience, there is always more to know.

YouTube is a great choice for keeping up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news, including:

  • Follow the sentiment around Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Learn more about the most popular altcoins
  • Get market analysis and
  • See developments in business and technology supporting cryptocurrencies

So which YouTube channel is worth subscribing to? Check out some of the best crypto YouTube channels in this list to find the one that fits your style.

Best crypto YouTube channels to follow

Best Crypto YouTube Channels To Follow | Expaat

This list is sorted by subscriber count, but don’t let that be the only metric you look at.

You should also consider what type of host you identify with the most. Also consider whether you are looking for news, investment advice, interviews, or technical analysis.

Finally, consider the average length of their videos to find the YouTuber that best fits your schedule.

1. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is hosted by Guy the Crypto Guy and produces quality videos to help you expand your cryptocurrency knowledge.

With over 1.6 million subscribers, Coin Bureau is one of the most viewed cryptocurrency channels on YouTube.

Viewers appreciate Guy’s videos for his down-to-earth personality and deep understanding of cryptocurrencies.

It’s also backed by a production team that makes sure every video looks great and is packed with useful content.

With over 540 videos, there’s plenty to see. Videos can include weekly news, market analysis, top picks of different currencies to invest in, card, wallet, and platform reviews, and tons of educational content.

Whether you are new to cryptocurrencies or want to keep up with the latest trends, this channel has a lot to offer.

2. BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is fun, highly produced, and, well, a little weird. But in the right way. If you want to have fun while learning the latest crypto news (with lots of market updates), BitBoy Crypto might be for you.

The host, Ben Armstrong, has a lot of energy: the voice and demeanor of a Wall Street sports announcer or TV personality.

The show features full sets and cutscenes, plenty of cuts, and BitBoy team members stepping in while Ben provides Markt updates and chats with the live stream audience.

The videos range from short clips singing the state of the market, to live piano music, to broadcasts on a variety of topics that can last over an hour.

3. Lark Davis

The Lark Davis program offers to invest content at a slightly slower pace. If you’re looking for a calmer approach to cryptocurrency news and market analysis, Lark Davis is worth checking out.

You’ll find a variety of great content, including altcoin breakouts you may not have heard of, as well as coverage of major currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Davis is also familiar with cryptocurrency game logs.

Most of the channel’s content consists of daily reports on the state of the cryptocurrency world. Other content on the channel includes interviews with people in the crypto space, regular bitcoin news, altcoin-specific reviews, ICO tips, and analysis.

4. MMCrypto

MMCrypto is packed with the energy of the Wall Street boys. Host Chris Jaszczynski‘s videos are short, typically five to 10 minutes, but so packed with content that it’s hard to see him have time to breathe.

The style is very broad. Videos are recorded on your iPhone and are usually focused on a specific forecast or market movement.

While we can’t say whether his advice is good or not, it’s reassuring to know that Jaszczynski discloses his open positions as he conducts his analysis.

5. CryptoRUs

On CryptosRUs’s channel, host George offers a very relaxed approach to providing the latest cryptocurrency news and talking about market movements.

There’s a lot of audience interaction on his twice-daily live streams, and in many ways, George comes across as a simple, if savvy, investor.

There is a variety of content on the channel, including crypto news updates, in-depth answers to specific questions, interviews with important figures in the crypto space, and discussions of many altcoins.

6. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen’s channel is for technical cryptocurrency traders. Charts and analytics are the names of the game here, so if you’re looking for a numbers-based approach to market reporting, this channel might be for you.

Because this channel is so focused on technical analysis, it’s not for everyone. But if you have a background in traditional finance or want to learn how to read charts, it’s worth a look. But you can always look up technical information from Cowen.

Don’t expect a flash, but Cowen is a good communicator, easy to follow as long as you understand the language.

7. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is a popular cryptocurrency YouTube channel hosted by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold. This program aims to bring you the best encryption information without bogging you down with flashy graphics and fancy content.

Along with their guests (like Ben from BitBoy), Aaron and Austin talk about what they see for the future of different coins, platforms, and projects in the cryptocurrency world.

While they are very clear in reminding listeners that they are not providing financial advice, the program can provide useful information for traders looking for the next big altcoin to invest in.

Most of their videos are shorter, between 10 and 15 minutes, but they occasionally produce hour-long content.

8. The Moon

The Moon with Carl Roegind may attract more young cryptocurrency enthusiasts, later Millennials and Gen Z in particular. Carl is one of them, and he has the energy to match his age.

Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Provides technical analysis and market news quickly and easily.

Of all the hosts here, this channel’s host appeals to the new generation of investors. He is also the founder of Kasta, a competitor of

9. DataDash

Merten is the person behind DataDash. He is an international speaker, thought leader, and cryptocurrency analyst on YouTube.

He used his 8+ years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

10. Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is a YouTube channel that generally provides live streaming, news, educational Bitcoin, Defi, NFT, Blockchain, and other cryptocurrency-related content to its audience.

The Crypto Banter team interviewed the industry’s top guests, billionaires, thought leaders, and professional traders.

The purpose of the channel is to ensure that your audience is learning at the cutting edge.

They want their viewers to make the best trading and investing decisions and become part of this rapidly growing community.

Final Verdict

YouTube is a good source of crypto content as long as you regularly watch videos from YouTube’s top cryptocurrency channels.

Some of your favorite YouTubers are also on other social media platforms like Telegram and Facebook.

You should also be conscious of the scam formats you may find in the comments section of these top YouTube analysts.

These scams may come in the form of videos promising airdrops or fake testimonials about investment platforms with huge returns.

More often than not, these YouTube crypto content creators do not have the time to sift through the comments section and delete spam comments. Help them by reporting spam yourself.

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