Beware Of This Fake Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Scammer

Following the announcement made by Terra CEO about Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) scammers are on the move

Beware Of This Fake Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Scammer
Beware Of This Fake Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Scammer

People know that scammers use the fact that it’s hard to track down stolen cryptocurrencies to make a lot of money in the crypto space. This is what the people trying to scam LUNA investors right now are counting on.

Fake Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Scammer

The latest report by PeckShieldAlert shows that someone is pulling a scam. Someone seems to be saying that Luna and UST holders will be able to compete.

The fake Terra Luna Classic Twitter account is trying to trick people into giving them their money by saying that it will sell the new Luna 2.0 or LUNC on PancakeSwap and give buyers free BUSD.

Beware Of This Fake Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Scammer

It looks like the scammer is using BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to pull off their scams.

It’s A HoneyPot

PeckShieldAlert has taken steps to let people know about this possible scam that could cause people to lose money.

Beware Of This Fake Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Scammer

This scam seems to be trying to set up a “honeypot” in which people who pay to buy the “new LUNC” end up with nothing. It’s a scam that people should stay away from.

PeckShieldAlert tagged the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) and Terra Money (UST’s Twitter handle) when it told people about the scam on Twitter.

People would think that the two teams would find a way to stop the scam. Also, even though this attempt to scam is bad, it may give Terra the chance to finally say whether or not LUNA will be forked.

Terra 2.0 Is Still In Preliminary Vote

A few days ago, Do Kwon of Luna suggested splitting the Terra chain to make a new cryptocurrency called Terra Luna Classic (LUNC). But voters rejected this idea.

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) May 18, 2022

More than 90% of those who voted said that the extra Luna should be burned instead of a fork being put to death. It looks like the con artist is using rumours about a Luna fork to get people to send them money.