Bill Gates Says Crypto Is Valueless to Society 

Mircosoft CEO Bill Gates revealed that he is not a fan of crypto as they are valueless to society and not a good investment

Bill Gates Says Crypto Is Valueless to Society 
Bill Gates Says Crypto Is Valueless to Society 

Bill Gate Does Not See Crypto As Good Investment

Mircosoft CEO Bill Gates, who helped start the well-known tech company Microsoft, said that he doesn’t own any cryptocurrency because he doesn’t think they are good investments.

Forbes reported that the fourth richest person in the world said this during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the social media site Reddit.

Gates said that he likes to invest in things that make him money, like company shares, where the value is based on the products that the company makes.

But he doesn’t think the same about investments in cryptocurrency because, according to the Microsoft executive, that type of asset doesn’t add any value to society.

Bill Gates Is Not Crypto Fan

The CEO of Microsoft has never liked Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. In February, Gates said he was worried about how quickly the asset class was being used, which has continued to cause retail investors to lose a lot of money.

Gates probably has a point, since the last few weeks have been very scary for cryptocurrency investors, who have lost a lot of money because UST and LUNA have fallen.

TerraForm Labs tokens, like UST and LUNA, fell so much that they dragged down the whole cryptocurrency market.

In the last 30 days, Bitcoin has lost 30.3% of its value, while Ethereum has lost more than 37% of its gains.

Mircosoft CEO Advice Crypto Investors To Dread Carefully

Even though cryptocurrencies are seen as a way to protect against rising inflation, investors should be careful because the market can turn bad in a millisecond.

In an interview in February, Gates also warned investors to be careful. He said:

“If you don’t have as much money as Elon, you might want to be careful.”