Binance Expands Margin Trading with SYS, GFT, COS

Binance Expands Margin Trading with SYS, GFT, COS

Binance Expands Margin Trading with SYS, GFT, COS

Recently, Binance expanded its trading scope by integrating three additional altcoins into its margin trading sector.

Recent additions to this ever-evolving platform include Syscoin (SYS), Game Fantasy Token (GFT), and Contentos (COS).

The introduction of margin trading for these alternative cryptocurrencies represents a substantial expansion of Binance’s varied assortment of digital assets.

In conjunction with this expansion, Binance has introduced several novel trading combinations. These pairings are specifically optimized for use in cross-margin trading.

The recently introduced pairs are SYS/USDT, GFT/USDT, and COS/USDT. Following the inclusion of Binance, their respective increases were 1.04%, 55.25%, and 5.61%.

Additionally, a new pair, GFT/USDT, has been introduced to accommodate traders who prefer the Isolated Margin strategy.

By strategically enhancing Binance’s trading options, the platform is expected to accommodate a broader range of investor preferences and grant them greater latitude when conducting trading activities.

Including GFT, COS, and SYS in Binance’s margin trading portfolio demonstrates the exchange’s dedication to providing a diverse range of assets.

By enabling its users to borrow these newly introduced assets on both the Isolated Margin and Cross Margin, Binance substantially enhances the trading experience.

This action further demonstrates Binance’s ability to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing requirements of the cryptocurrency industry, guaranteeing its users an extensive selection of trading alternatives.

Furthermore, Binance expanded its portfolio last week by announcing its intention to list the BLUR cryptocurrency token.

The trading community has paid considerable attention to this addition, particularly in light of the recent surge in the price of BLUR.

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