‘Bitcoin Is Freedom’: Prince Philip Of Serbia Affirms The ‘Need To Take Money Away From The State’

Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia claims that Bitcoin is freedom for the people of Serbia and Yugoslavia. The prince emphasized that “real money” was needed again, noting that “we need to take the money away from the state.” We require money of high value that is not affected by inflation.

On a Serbian TV show presented by Ivan Ivanovi, Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia recently discussed Bitcoin. Prince Philip, a member of the House of Karaorevi, is the second son of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia’s final crown prince. He is Prince Alexander’s fraternal twin and the second-in-line to the throne after Prince Peter.

According to the Royal Family of Serbia’s website, Prince Philip is now working with global asset management in London.

On the broadcast, he confirmed, “I work in finance.” “I work for an international finance organization in asset management. The company’s headquarters are in New York, but it also maintains a large office in London. I work as an analyst. I enjoy analyzing the universe.”

“I analyze and primarily tell clients what occurs in the market, what’s going on with their portfolios, and I interact with a lot of different analysts and portfolio managers within the organization,” he continued. We assist in decision-making… Being an analyst is a fantastic experience. I gain a lot of knowledge.”

He was then questioned about cryptocurrency. He began by stating “crypto,” but soon corrected himself to “bitcoin,” emphasizing that his counsel is “absolutely free.” “Not crypto, but Bitcoin,” stated Prince Philip. “It’s only about bitcoin,” says the narrator. He went on to say:

“Bitcoin is freedom, and this is something I want for everyone.”

“This is something that everyone needs to learn,” he said. They’ll take their time learning. Because they are unfamiliar with it, some people will be hesitant to learn it. They want to safeguard the system in which they excel.”

“But they don’t realize, or maybe they do,” the prince added, “that system is not beneficial to everyone else in the world, so billions of people throughout the world are not having a good time right now.”

“Well, we need to take the money away from the state,” Ivanovi replied, interrupting the prince. The TV anchor warned that the statement made by the royalty could be misunderstood. They both burst out laughing.

Following that, Prince Philip emphasized:

“I think we need to have hard money again. We need to have good quality money that’s not subject to inflation.”

He added the problem with inflation is today, “especially since that previous financial crisis in 2008 when the huge stimulus was injected into the economy,” referring to the 2008 financial crisis. “And since then, enormous sums of stimulus have been injected into the economy with the Corona epidemic, and, of course, where is this money going to go?” he explained. It will result in inflation.”

The conversation then moved on to Bitcoin. “You don’t have that with Bitcoin.” “There is a limit of only 21 million Bitcoins that will be produced,” he explained, adding:

“Therefore it’s never going to be an inflationary asset and this helps to protect people.”

“On top of that, it’s censorship-free. It’s very fungible. You can move it around … and it will help with people’s sovereignty, and it helps with people’s freedom,” the prince concluded.