Bitcoin Mining Could Be Important For The Energy Independence Of The United States, Research Reveals

Representative Pete Sessions of Texas stated simply but emphatic that the growth of the Bitcoin mining business might help the United States achieve energy independence.

Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions has made a bold remark about the influence Bitcoin mining will have on not only his state but the entire United States.

“Bitcoin Mining will play a vital role in establishing energy independence in the United States,” the Texan representative, a proponent of Bitcoin (BTC) mining, tweeted on March 22. Both admirers and detractors reacted negatively to his statement. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, a Republican, was one of the supporters who replied to his tweet with a simple “Indeed.”

Both senators have been outspoken proponents of policies that encourage innovation in the crypto industry as a whole, not just among miners. As gas prices in the United States rise owing to global tensions, the discussion over how the country might minimize its reliance on foreign energy supplies has heated up.

Sessions’ point of view is supported by a growing body of evidence that implies BTC mining sector developments could have global implications for industrial energy use and output.

As Texas has grown to provide over 14% of the country’s overall Bitcoin hash rate, the state’s electrical grid stability and miners’ environmental effect have come under increasing scrutiny, as they have in other mining hotspots around the world.

Despite these issues, a booming mining sector in Texas has been highlighted by several experts as having the potential to reduce the state’s net environmental effect and energy demands on the public grid.

Flexible data centers could encourage renewable energy resources, according to a research paper published in March 2021. Depending on the status of the grid, a flexible data center generates its electricity from a tiny dedicated renewable power plant or draws power from the grid.

Texas is already the country’s biggest wind power generator, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). As a result, when renewable energy is needed, miners may already have it. Promoting the use of a flexible data center concept by miners could lead to increased renewable energy accessibility and reliability.

According to the paper:

“Hence, the (integrated energy system) may contribute to grid stability by locally using generated electricity instead of feeding it into the grid.”

Lancium, a software solutions provider, reported identical results in October. It was found that as the mining industry expands and more businesses adopt a flexible data center model, energy grid constraints will be avoided while renewable energy resources grow. According to the paper, researcher Joshua D. Rhodes, Ph.D.

“As grids move towards incorporating higher levels of intermittent resources, such as wind and solar, flexible demand will play an ever more important role in keeping the electrical grid system stable.”

Texas is a major Bitcoin mining hub in the United States, with companies like Hive Blockchain, Riot Blockchain, Argo Blockchain, and others based there.