BlackRock, SEC Discuss Spot Bitcoin ETF Again

BlackRock, SEC Discuss Spot Bitcoin ETF Again

BlackRock, SEC Discuss Spot Bitcoin ETF Again

BlackRock and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have met four times to discuss the Spot Bitcoin ETF. This is a big deal. An official document shows that the agency and the asset management firm met yesterday. This comes after similar talks with other possible issuers over the last month.


Also, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart said that SEC head Gary Gensler and his direct staff were at this meeting. The statement also mentioned that the talks focused on the “iShares Bioin Trust under NASDAQ Rules 57119(d).”

The possible acceptance of a Spot Bitcoin ETF has been the main story for most of the last few months. The business product has generated a lot of excitement, as more than a dozen applications have already been submitted. The release date is set for early next year. Now that so many meetings are going on between the main regulatory body and one issuer, the excitement has hit a fever pitch.

BlackRock and SEC Meet Again

In particular, BlackRock and the SEC have met four times to discuss the first Spot Bitcoin ETF application. To add to that, yesterday’s meeting came after three others in the span of two weeks. James Seyffart also says that SEC Chari Gensler was responsible for this meeting.

Gensler made news yesterday when he talked about the huge number of applications still coming in. He told reporters that the office had to reevaluate these different applications because of court orders. As a result, many people think the comments are leading to possible approval.

Seyffart and others have clearly expressed their desire for the approval of the investment goods.  Specifically, they mentioned that the window for a decision on the offering will occur between January 5th and 10th. It’s also possible that any news about approval will be out there by January 8th of next year.

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