Blockchain Base Releases Debut NFT Single: A Unique Song

Blockchain Base Releases Debut NFT Single: A Unique Song

Blockchain Base Releases Debut NFT Single: A Unique Song

On December 19, the blockchain platform Base, powered by Coinbase, announced a relationship with the blockchain music platform This connection now enables musicians to mint music through the Base ecosystem.

As a result of the base environment being an Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem, the gas fees for minting tracks as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are lower, and transactions are completed more quickly, according to a post that was published on X (which was formerly known as Twitter).

According to the post, these variables will also enable artists to upload and withdraw their work without the need to purchase cryptocurrency or bridge their cash. Reo Cragun and Heno created the first music, titled “Based,” on Base. The song revolves around the concept of blockchain technology.

The lyrics contain phrases such as “We’re bringing a billion on-chain.” Whenever there are difficult times, there are some people who go, but I want to give a shout out to the genuine ones who have stayed. Sound stated that tapping into the more than one hundred million people on the Base network would be the most crucial thing that would benefit the Web3 music scene.

Specifically, it brought attention to the fact that music is an excellent entry point for “an entirely new generation of users to get on-chain.” The transition of the music industry into the Web3 domain has been gaining momentum over the course of the past year.

During this time, several of the most prominent names in the traditional music scene have experimented with blockchain-based recording releases. The American thrash metal band Megadeth, which has millions of followers all over the world, unveiled a new NFT collection at the beginning of December.

Megadeth designed this collection to offer their community new opportunities for engagement in both physical and digital reality.

Five decades after the recording, and fourteen years after his death, the late pop legend Michael Jackson’s first-ever studio demo was released on the blockchain as digital vinyl through the blockchain music platform Anotherblock. This release occurred earlier this month

He provided an explanation of the steps that need to be taken in order to bring heritage artists into Web3 and to develop a new legacy in the future of music by utilizing tools such as blockchain and new financial technologies.

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