Breaking: Whales have just bought 36.8B Shiba Inu

According to data from Etherscan, more than 36.8 billion Shiba Inu tokens were moved in a short period.
Breaking: Whales have just bought 36.8B Shiba Inu

37B worth of  SHIB was transferred in all

Cryptocurrency tracker Etherscan has found 10 big transactions worth at least 1.184 billion dollars. Second, only to Dogecoin in terms of market value is Shiba Inu.

When people transfer their money between crypto exchanges, some of them move it from Binance to Uniswap.

However, there were a lot of big transfers of SHIB between wallets, and one came from Binance to a crypto address. These transfers are likely acquisitions.

It took from 1.18 billion to 4.9 billion SHIB tokens to send each amount of SHIB. The total value of the crypto that has been transferred here is $1,165,456.

A lot of whales have been getting their hands on Shiba Inu in the last few days. A lot of new SHIB whales have been coming out recently, as well. Two days ago, it was reported that an unknown person bought 3,457,477,154,937 tokens worth $109,498,301.

For ETH whales, SHIB becomes the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of USD value. Shiba Inu canine cryptocurrency, as previously reported by U.Today, has once again become the largest token by USD value for the top 1,000 Ethereum whales, and hence the second-largest holding for them after Ether.

According to WhaleStats measures, the top Ethereum whales now possess $1,773,025,189 worth of SHIB, accounting for 16.62 percent of their total portfolios. FTX Token (FTT) is right next to it, accounting for 16.2% of all crypto owned in portfolios.