Cato Institute CEO says daughter married 2017 hearing ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’

Cato Institute CEO says daughter married 2017 hearing ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’

Peter Goettler, CEO of the Cato Institute, has updated the crypto community on the man who photobombed former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen during a 2017 congressional hearing.

Goettler reminded Fed Chair Jerome Powell that the “Bitcoin Sign Guy” became his son-in-law in 2022. Christian Langalis was recognized as the man whose photograph soliciting viewers to buy Bitcoin went viral in 2017.

“The man who photobombed Janet Yellen five years ago with a “Buy Bitcoin” sign during her Humphrey-Hawkins Testimony became my son-in-law,” remarked Goettler, prompting Powell and himself to laugh.

Powell responded to Goettler’s query about whether “regulators would suffocate crypto” by saying he had “close family members” who believed the technology was still in development, suggesting Bitcoin proponents may be close to home.

The Fed chair said unbacked crypto was a speculative asset without governmental support for payments.

22-year-old Langalis raised thousands of dollars after the image went viral. Many in the crypto world still spoof the “Buy Bitcoin” performance to show how the landscape has evolved. Langalis appeared on camera when BTC was at $2,000; it’s now $19,218.

According to a Zola wedding registration, Abigail Goettler and Langalis were married on April 30. It appears that the couple did not seek Bitcoin as a gift.