Christie’s Presents SOURCE Collection

Christie's Presents SOURCE Collection

Christie’s Presents SOURCE Collection

Alice, known for offering the first NFT via Christie’s, coincides the auction with the publication of “On NFTs,” a book exploring blockchain-based art.

On Thursday, the SOURCE (On NFTs) collection of on-chain generative art was formally introduced by the renowned auction house Christie’s. The collection featured more than 400 works, all of which were meticulously crafted by crypto and NFT artist Robert Alice.

The renowned auction house website describes the artworks as “a form of digital graffiti” that “celebrates the RGB color spectrum that distinguishes digital art” rather than “recasting the tradition of color field paintings” popularized by abstract painters in the mid-nineteenth century.

Christie’s stated, “The works poetically distill the pre-history of NFTs into large contemporary digital color field paintings, alluding to the significance of blockchains as a new form of publishing and the notion that NFTs are inherently composed of text.”

“Each artwork, composed wholly of text, results from an NLP algorithm-driven violent collision between two of these source texts to generate new histories.”

Each non-fungible token (NFT) will decrease from 5 ETH to 0.3 ETH “until all 400 works are sold out or the price reaches its resting value.”

Christie’s continued, “The artist deliberately selected the source material to expose the cultural milieu surrounding the origin of NFTs.”

“Disparate histories converge to generate novel significance, as seminal manifestos in digital art history and science fiction intersect, while cryptography whitepapers and 7th-century Chinese philosophical texts collide.”

Alice established an illustrious artistic heritage in cryptocurrencies when she became the first artist to offer an NFT for sale via the renowned auction house in October 2020.

The on-chain generative art auction and the publication of On NFTs, a physical book edited by Alice and containing illustrated biographies of 101 artists utilizing NFTs, coincide.

Exclusive Offer at Christie’s Auction

On NFTs, published by the luxury art book publisher Taschen, provides “an in-depth exploration of the realm of non-fungible tokens” by covering “algorithmic art to avatars.”

Alice stated, “This volume is among the first comprehensive surveys of blockchain-based art and the broader on-chain cultural ecosystem.”

At the renowned auction house, items minted for 1.5 ETH or more will be presented with a hand-signed special edition of On NFTs by Alice.

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