Coinbase Adds National Security Experts to Advisory Council

Coinbase Adds National Security Experts to Advisory Council

Coinbase Adds National Security Experts to Advisory Council

Coinbase announced on November 7 the addition of four national security experts to its Global Advisory Council. The fresh members will contribute to the cryptocurrency exchange’s evaluation of the repercussions of regulatory ambiguity within the United States.

The Coinbase council will adopt a significantly more strategic stance regarding the incorporation of the new members. David Urban is a former managing director of BRG Group.

Stephanie Murphy is a former congresswoman and national security expert and Mark Esper was the former U.S. secretary of defense. Frances Townsend served as the homeland security adviser to former U.S. President George W. Bush.

Former members of the United States Congress, Patrick Toomey, Tim Ryan, and Sean Patrick Maloney, will be joined by the new council members.

Furthermore, Haun Ventures chief strategy officer Chris Lehane and Impact Research Polling founder John Anzalone were among the initial council members.

As the third advisory council at Coinbase, the Global Advisory Council was established in May. The remaining matters pertain to asset management and regulation.

Former CIA General Counsel Courtney Elwood and former Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Jay Clayton are among their members. Each of the councils is composed of members from both parties.

The official purpose of the newly appointed individuals was to “examine the repercussions that regulatory uncertainty for cryptocurrencies in the United States will cause.”

Coinbase operated with a global outlook in mind. “Defending American Leadership. The National Security Case for Crypto and Blockchain” was referenced in the announcement via a hyperlink.

In light of the potential departure of the cryptocurrency industry from the United States, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has vowed to maintain the San Francisco-based exchange within the country despite an ongoing dispute with the SEC.

Concurrently, Coinbase has increased its international presence. In Kazakhstan, however, these endeavors have not consistently transpired in an orderly fashion.

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