Cyber partners with Rarible to launch a virtual NFT marketplace

Rarible and Cyber, a virtual reality platform, have announced a partnership to connect their protocols and establish a virtual NFT marketplace. The integration will allow collectors to browse for NFTs that use Rarible in Virtual Reality.
Cyber partners with Rarible to launch a virtual NFT marketplace

Consumers will be able to explore NFT collectibles through an immersive VR experience, according to Cyber, which launched the new feature in February of last year.

“You had all these top-to-bottom corporations selling really expensive [virtual] land, and then you had a bunch of 2D platforms, but no alternative in the centre,” Cyber’s creator Rayan Boutaleb told Decrypt.

“With the help of the [blockchain] community, we launched and placed the first brick of a bottom-up metaverse enterprise,” he stated.

The Cyber VR app, according to Boutaleb, can work on mobile phones, including older models, in addition to Oculus, broadening the audience for potential NFT consumers. The platform is presently accessible for NFTs created using the Rarible protocol on the Ethereum blockchain.

About Rarible

Rarible, which debuted in 2019, is both a protocol and a marketplace that can be used for NFT issuance and decentralized apps. Rarible’s native RARI token is used by developers to interact with the platform. According to, RARI has a current market capitalization of $54.5 million.

Users will be able to access collectibles outside of the Cyber marketplace by integrating Rarible’s technology, according to Cyber. This includes, a top 10 NFT marketplace, according to, with $291.88 million in trading volume since its start.