DeepDAO  launches the first-ever DAO-specific search engine

DeepDAO, a data collector and analytics tool, has developed the DAO ecosystem’s first dedicated search engine.
DeepDAO  launches the first-ever DAO-specific search engine

It’s getting increasingly difficult to manage this complicated, growing environment, with over 4,100 DAOs and 1.6 million people owning governance tokens. DeepDAO’s unique search engine was created to make it simple for individuals involved in the DAO ecosystem to make educated decisions.

DeepDAO’s Engine maps DAOs, Users, and Tokens

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) had been around for a while, but it wasn’t until the middle of 2021 that they became an indispensable element of the economy. Businesses and organizations may be administered online, entirely decentralized, and with unparalleled transparency thanks to the novel governance system.

The sheer number of DAOs on the market, on the other hand, makes it a difficult environment to manage and may prevent consumers from participating.

“This emergent, extensive network of people socializing, investing, working, and doing remarkable things together, demand a deeper suite of tools. People in W3 need relevant data to help them forge new connections between themselves and their organizations in a fun and accessible way,” said Eyal Eithcowich, founder and CEO of DeepDAO.

DeepDAO has developed a comprehensive search engine to help users explore the vast DAO ecosystem. The search engine, which is based on DeepDAO’s listing of DAOs and governance profiles, allows individuals and organizations to navigate a sea of data and comprehend DAO networks, currencies, and interactions.

The software compiles and analyzes organizational data, resulting in individual profiles for DAO governance token holders. DeepDAO has already made millions of Ethereum addresses searchable, as well as aggregating each address’s interactions.

Organizations, individuals, fees, and tools are the four categories that the DeepDAO search engine splits its data into. The DAO Feed provides users with an overview of all DAO decisions and votes, while the tools section features several dozen tools for constructing and maintaining DAOs.

“The launch of our search engine is an important step because it makes it possible for everyone to find out all they need to know about DAOs, from learning to creating, managing, and understanding the inner workings of DAOs,” Eitchowich stated.