Despite market turbulence, crypto investment funds raise $36 million

As institutional investors re-accumulate, inflows into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto investment products continue to climb.
Despite market turbulence, crypto investment funds raise $36 million
Bitcoin’s price is trying to overcome a major downtrend that began in November.

Last week, cryptocurrency investment funds saw a significant increase in inflows, indicating that institutional investors were still interested in digital assets despite the market’s extraordinary volatility.

According to CoinShares data, digital asset investment products received $36 million in cumulative inflows for the week ending Sunday.

New investments were substantially one-sided regionally, with $95 million inflows to the Americas and $59 million outflows to European investment products.

Inflows into Bitcoin (BTC) products grew by $17 million, bringing the total amount of inflows to $239 million for the fifth week in a row. $4.2 million was invested in Ethereum (ETH) items.

Most altcoin funds experienced outflows, with Solana (SOL) and Litecoin (LTC) funds seeing $2.6 million and $500,000 in outflows, respectively.

Institutional investors are re-accumulating following a period of substantial volatility, as inflows into Bitcoin instruments have turned positive for 2022.

Even as tensions in Eastern Europe rose last week, with Russia commencing military operations in neighboring Ukraine, they continued to invest in BTC funds.

Volumes on crypto exchanges that trade in Russian Rubles have increased by 121 percent in the last week, according to CoinShares data.

Even as equities bowed to additional selling pressure, crypto markets were untouched by geopolitical worries on Monday.

According to Coinscreed Markets Pro and TradingView, the Bitcoin price reached $41,476 on the day. Stocks, on the other hand, were down more than 1%.

Trading volumes have also increased significantly, according to Coinscreed Markets Pro data, with BTC turnover 27 percent greater than typical.