Digital Insight Games (DIG) announces release of Cloud Castles

The first game created by Digital Insight Games (DIG), a next-generation gaming studio founded by veterans behind some of the largest titles in the business, is called Cloud Castles.
Digital Insight Games (DIG) announces release of Cloud Castles
Digital Insight Games (DIG) announces release of Cloud Castles

The Action Strategy game Cloud Castles is set in a brand-new fantasy world created by Heroes of Might and Magic series creator of Fame Jon Van Canegham. Players assemble and evolve mythical creatures, send teams into distinctive battle settings, and command them in intense combat.

With integrated web3 blockchain technology, Cloud Castles is a next-generation experience based on Unreal Engine 5. It will grant players complete ownership to enable the buying, selling, trading, and borrowing of in-game digital assets.

The DIG team is made up of top talent that has created experiences and games that have captivated sizable communities of hundreds of millions of players across all platforms. DIG’s collaboration with the community to make sure the Cloud Castles foundations deliver fun, innovation, and quality throughout the entire experience is a top priority at this crucial early stage of development.

“While it’s easy to get distracted by all of the hype and buzzwords around web3 and blockchain, as a development team our focus is on building a world players are going to be able to connect with emotionally, and a game they’ll want to deeply engage in,” said Van Caneghem, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of DIG.

“By nailing that quality bar and working with the community early to help shape the experience, we’re confident we’ll be able to demonstrate how our approach to digital asset ownership can deepen their connection to their favorite games further.”

In the game Cloud Castles, two civilizations are torn apart by a long-ago war struggle in a sky full of strong wizards who can summon a wide variety of exotic, magical creatures. Players will engage in combat throughout war arenas that range from arid wastelands to lush, green plains to lava-filled locations, and they will need to use their own talents to harness the magic and energy of the earth itself to help their side come out on top. To put together rosters that can dominate any opponent, creatures can be developed, evolved, and swapped.

In April 2022, DIG announced the Series A funding, which was co-led by Hivemind Capital and Griffin Gaming Partners (investors in Discord, AppLovin, Skillz, and Forte), as well as additional investments from Hunt Technology Ventures and RSE Ventures.

Along with Cloud Castles, the team is working to develop a user-friendly tech platform that will offer top-notch web3 gaming experiences. This will position DIG at the forefront of the nexus between gaming and digital economies and aid in defining the direction of top-notch interactive entertainment in the future.