ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online

In this well-detailed article, you will learn how to create free ERC20 tokens using token generators.
ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online
ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online

We will also show you the best ERC20 token generators online with easy user interfaces, as well as affordable prices when you decide to use them.

With ERC20 token generators, you can create your own virtual currencies which you can sell and make lots of money. Just make sure you read this article to the end.

ERC-20 Token Explained

We’ve all heard of ERC20 tokens, but what exactly are they and, more importantly, what aren’t they? But before we explain what they are, it is best to explain what tokens are and how they came to live.

Tokens exist on the Ethereum blockchain, which is critical to understand. They benefit from its technological advancements. They aren’t self-contained and rely on Ethereum’s platform and blockchain.

Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain are created and issued using ERC20 tokens, which are a standard for establishing and issuing smart contracts.

In the context of the Ethereum blockchain, the term “ERC20” refers to a programming standard utilized within the network meaning Ethereum Request for comments states that a unique ID number is to distinguish the standards from others.

This technical standard specifies a number of rules and activities that an Ethereum token or smart contract must adhere to, as well as the processes that must be taken in order to put it into effect.

It is arguably best to think of ERC20 as a collection of fundamental standards and functionalities that must be followed by each new token issued on the Ethereum network in order to be considered valid.

Ether is the Ethereum network’s native currency, but, in addition to Ether, it can also support other tokens, which can function as currencies but can also represent company shares, loyalty points, gold certificates, and so on.

Tokens can be created by utilizing smart contracts. Smart contracts are not only responsible for creating tokens,  but also for handling token transactions and keeping track of each token’s balance. To obtain tokens, all you have to do is submit Ether to the smart contract, which will subsequently provide you with a certain number of tokens.

What is an ERC20 Token Generator?

An ERC20 Token Generator is a distributed software that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and allows users to create ERC20 Tokens using specially created Smart Contracts. Smart Contract for a Standard, Capped, Mintable, Burnable, Payable|Operable Token that can be easily deployed.

Ethereum’s smart contracts and other features are required to follow one of the specified standards. While ERC20 is the most prominent and well-known of the ERC standards, it is far from the only one available.

ERC20 Coding Functions

  • The ERC-20 consists of six different coding functions. These include;
  • function totalSupply() public view returns (uint256);
  • function balanceOf(address tokenOwner) public view returns (uint);
  • function allowance(address tokenOwner, address spender)
  • public view returns (uint);
  • function transfer(address to, uint tokens) public returns (bool);
  • function approve(address spender, uint tokens)  public returns (bool);
  • function transferFrom(address from, address to, uint tokens) public returns (bool);


ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online/Coinscreed LLC
ERC20 Events

To obtain the complete quantity of the token accessible on the network, enter the phrase “total supply” in the search box.

Users and token implementation are dependent on the functionality of this code, which includes determining the number of tokens in circulation, storing and returning balances, submitting transfer and withdrawal requests and giving approval, and consenting to automatic transfers.

When taken as a whole, this set of functions and signals implies that Ethereum tokens of various sorts will all work in the same way, regardless of where they are located inside the Ethereum system. Therefore, practically all digital wallets that handle the ether cryptocurrency also support tokens that comply with the ERC20 standard.

How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online

There are several ERC20 token generators online some of which include;

  • Vittominacori
  • Createmytoken
  • Guarda
  • Moralis
  • CoinMechanic
  • TokenMint
  • STVKE Network and others

Regardless of the ERC20 token generator used, the process is the same and it takes less than 10 minutes to get this done without having to code.

Note also that each of the token generators online has its own specific pricing, which also includes free packages you can choose from, this, however, comes with limited features.

For this tutorial, we will be using vittominacori.

Steps in Creating Free ERC20 Tokens Online

#STEP1: Install Metamask

Install MetaMask and create an account if you have none. It’s easy to set up a MetaMask account, and it only takes a few minutes. We must either download the browser extension or the mobile application to use MetaMask.

#STEP2: Fund your MetaMask account with Ethereum

Fund your MetaMask account with Ethereum as you’ll need it to create tokens. For vittominacori, the fee is 0.035 ETH for the Simple ERC20 package and 0 ETH for the Hello ERC20 Package, although this comes with limited features. It has a total of 10 pricing types.

Other vittominacori pricing is shown below;

ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online/Coinscreed LLC
Vittominacori Pricing
ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online/Coinscreed LLC
Vittominacori Pricing
ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online/Coinscreed LLC
Vittominacori Pricing

#STEP3: Add your token details

Here, you’re required to put in basic information including the name of your proposed token, token type and supply.

#STEP4: Set up the supply

The number of tokens to be issued should be specified. The number can be determined by the regulations of the loyalty program, such as the number of customers or token volume to be utilized as a reward.

#STEP5: Deploy your tokens

Use MetaMask to confirm your transaction. Your Token will be available to use after it has been deployed.

ERC20 Token Generator: How To Create Free ERC20 Tokens Online

How much does it cost to make ERC20 tokens?

The cost of creating ERC20 tokens is mostly determined by your needs and the length of time you need the token. The price ranges from $200 to $5000, depending on your preferences. To summarize, the client sets the price of the tokens, with service providers playing just a minor role.

Is Ethereum an ERC20 token?

Ethereum, a prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain system, uses tokens that may be purchased, sold, or exchanged. Tokens in the Ethereum system might be vouchers, IOUs, or even physical items. Ethereum tokens are basically smart contracts that leverage the Ethereum blockchain.

One of the most notable tokens is ERC-20, which is now the technical standard for all token implementation smart contracts on the Ethereum network.


We explained how to generate free ERC20 tokens using token generators. Now that you know how to generate tokens, it’s up to you to choose the one that works best for you, however, don’t forget to do your own research before creating your own ERC20 tokens.