CEO Resigns Amid Allegations in BSV Community

He claimed that Craig Wright manipulated documents to deceive the court, casting doubt on Wright's status as Satoshi Nakamoto.

CEO Resigns Amid Allegations in BSV Community
CEO Resigns Amid Allegations in BSV Community

Christen Ager-Hanssen, an erstwhile supporter and CEO of nChain, the infrastructure driving force behind Bitcoin SV (BSV), has resigned.

In addition to his unexpected resignation, Ager-Hanssen has agitated the cryptocurrency community with dire allegations against Craig Wright, who claims to be Bitcoin’s creator.

In a tweet verifying his resignation, Ager-Hanssen reported multiple grave issues to the nChain Group board and hinted at a scheme involving a major shareholder to defraud nChain stakeholders.

Concerns were also expressed regarding the true identities of those behind the Cayman Islands-registered DW Discovery Fund, which is affiliated with the nChain Group. Although the details of the conspiracy are unknown, Calvin Ayre, a close friend of Wright’s, was named as a key player and referred to as the “shadow director” by Ager-Hanssen.

Moreover, Ager-Hanssen, a former firm believer that Wright was the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, disclosed the discovery of compelling evidence pointing to Wright’s manipulation of documents to deceive the court.

This belief change has reverberated throughout the BSV community and beyond. The former CEO previewed a whistleblower report titled “The Fairway Brief,” a reference to the suspense novel “The Pelican Brief.”

Ager-Hanssen is persuaded that Wright is not Satoshi and predicts a bleak legal future for the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin. Craig Wright’s designation as “Chief Scientist” was removed from the nChain website following Ager-Hanssen’s outburst; however, the board’s intentions remain ambiguous.

Wright asserts that he will continue to serve as an advisor to nChain and other Bitcoin entities. However, his statements’ veracity is currently under scrutiny.

With Ager-Hanssen’s departure from nChain and Wright’s claims shrouded in skepticism, the BSV sphere is undergoing significant change.

Wright’s claims to be Satoshi are met with increased skepticism as a result of the dispute, which has re-elevated the term “Faketoshi” to prominence.

A dramatic development has left the cryptocurrency community anticipating Ager-Hanssen’s promised revelations.