EU Metaverse

EU Metaverse VR Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. EU Metaverse VR Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience.

The ownership of content and item copyrights, created and used in EU Metaverse VR Network’s new Virtual Reality Metaverse ecosystem, is protected by the utilization of smart contract protocols. EU Metaverse VR Network allows anyone to become a content developer inside of its metaverse, thereby allowing them to monetize their creations freely settling the profits through the smart contracts.

On top of that, consumers can rent or purchase the piece of any content permanently for EUME tokens. The EU Metaverse VR Network uses blockchain (EUME tokens) mainly to protect the ownership copyrights related to content creation for the sound creation of a market ecosystem related to virtual reality, while encouraging content producers to produce more vibrant content, leading to a virtuous cycle throughout the entire metaverse industry.