“Free Guy” Actor Ryan Reynolds Believes Crypto Is Poised to become a “Huge Player”

Ryan Reynolds, a Hollywood actor, feels that Bitcoin is becoming a “huge player.” He did not, however, say if he had put part of his money into the asset class.

"Free Guy" Actor Ryan Reynolds Believes Crypto Is Poised to become a "Huge Player"

Reynolds Recognizes Crypto

With the expanding popularity of bitcoin and altcoins, the number of celebrities who show their support for the industry is steadily increasing. Ryan Reynolds, a well-known Canadian actor, is the most recent example.

He asserted in a recent interview with Bloomberg Markets that the business is becoming a “major participant.” Reynolds said, “In truth, it began its journey a long time ago.”

“I think it’s emerging as a huge, huge player. I mean, it’s been emerging for a long time, so I’m not super surprised.”

The actor, who has appeared in films such as “Deadpool,” “Buried,” and “Safe House,” commended the firms’ efforts to make cryptocurrency trading safer and more accessible. On the other hand, he understands why some individuals are hesitant to join the bandwagon:

“I mean, 90% of the word crypto is crypt, so I see why certain folks might be put off.”

Reynolds did not reveal if he holds bitcoin or any other digital assets, although smiling sarcastically in response to the question:

“I don’t really want to comment on that, but I do see the value in the conversation.”

Famous Actors Interested in Cryptocurrency

Aside from Reynolds, a slew of other Hollywood stars have come out in support of the digital asset industry. Reese Witherspoon, an Oscar winner, is one of them.

She bought in Ethereum (ETH) a few months ago, stating that it was her first time dealing with the cryptocurrency project.

Paris Hilton was another well-known celebrity who dabbled in the industry. She included a diamond emoji next to her tweet to show her support for bitcoin on her own Twitter account. The term “diamond hands” is used in crypto culture to describe one’s willingness to keep a certain asset despite its present volatility and hazards.

Winner of an Academy Award Matt Damon is also a member of the digital asset world. He hooked up with the largest cryptocurrency exchange CryptoCom last year to become the face of its marketing campaign. The commercial, called “Fortune Favors the Bold,” drew a lot of criticism from the community.

Negative responses flooded Twitter, with many users claiming that the star of the “Bourne” films and “The Martian” should not have connected with the corporation.