Greg Brockman, Sam Altman Shocked By OpenAI Board Decision

Greg Brockman, Sam Altman Shocked By OpenAI Board Decision

Upon the OpenAI board’s decision to remove Sam Altman as CEO, Greg Brockman, a co-founder, was immediately linked alongside.

On Saturday, the OpenAI board committee unanimously determined that co-founder Greg Brockman and founder Sam Altman should resign from their respective positions.

In response, both executives expressed their concerns on X (previously Twitter) with a heavy heart.

Brockman Dismayed by the Board’s Resolution

Greg Brockman and Sam Altman conveyed deep dismay and sadness in response to the abrupt and unanticipated reorganization of the organization’s board of directors.

The disclosure was made public via an X post by Greg Brockman, inciting speculation and confusion within the tech community.

He affirmed that shortly after, at 12:19 pm, Ilya Sutskever sent a text to Greg Brockman, which prompted a brief Google Meet call.

During this call, Greg was apprised that he was being removed from the board but was reassured that he remained vital to the company and would retain his role.

However, it was reported that Sam Altman was terminated simultaneously.

OpenAI issued a blog post detailing the modifications promptly.

Reportedly, the management team was apprised of the developments shortly after, except Mira Murati, who acquired knowledge of the alterations the night before.

Sam Altman’s Divergent Emotions Surface

Following the board’s decision, Altman expressed his emotions in his most recent X posts.

Greeting everyone with “I love you all,” he candidly expressed his sense of unease.

Immediately following the startling disclosure, Altman satirically criticizes the board, stating, “It’s like reading your eulogy while you’re still alive.”

In a more recent post, he asserted that the OpenAI committee would prosecute him legally, resulting in the forfeiture of his company shares, if he expressed his displeasure around the board’s decision.

In addition, the reason why the board removed the two individuals remains unconfirmed; however, Altman’s posts suggest that something is concealed from the public’s periphery.

Furthermore, Sam Altman expressed to his followers in an earlier post how much he enjoyed participating in the innovation and development phase.

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