Hashdex Firm Authorized to List ETPs in the European Union

Early this year, the Hashdex firm got permission to do business in Switzerland, and in May, it listed an ETP there.
Hashdex Firm Authorized to List ETPs in the European Union
Hashdex Firm Authorized to List ETPs in the European Union

Hashdex Firm, a Brazilian company that manages crypto assets, said Tuesday that it has been given permission to list exchange-traded products (ETP) in the European Union.

According to a statement released by Hashdex, they are already collaborating with several European service providers, such as exchanges, in order to list ETPs in various countries within the European Union. “We intend to go ahead to become the primary issuer of cryptocurrency products in Europe by continually advocating new and different strategies,” said Bruno Sousa, the director of new markets for the firm. “We are always promoting new and alternative methods.”

The Brazilian company started trading in the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP on the SIX stock exchange in Switzerland in May after getting permission to do business there.

Hashdex is working closely with the right service providers, such as exchanges, to list its family of ETPs in the European Union so that traders can use local platforms to buy and sell them.

Hashdex is an asset management company that specializes in crypto assets. In 2021, it launched the world’s first crypto ETFs, which let more than 260,000 investors add crypto to their portfolios.

Together with Hashdex, Nasdaq made the Nasdaq Crypto Index to give investors around the world a reliable benchmark for the crypto asset class.

Hashdax also worked with Nasdaq on the Advisor Academy Digital Assets curriculum. This is a free course for all financial professionals that is meant to teach them about how the digital asset ecosystem is changing, what to think about when investing, how regulations and taxes affect digital assets, and more.

The crypto asset manager has more than 90 people on its team from Rio de Janeiro, New York, and Zurich. These people come from both the tech and finance worlds.

The company offers six exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Brazil that are related to cryptocurrencies.