Horizen EON, VetMe Forge Groundbreaking Partnership

Horizen EON, VetMe Forge Groundbreaking Partnership

Horizen EON, VetMe Forge Groundbreaking Partnership

Horizen EON has undertaken a revolutionary action that represents a significant advancement in decentralized finance (DeFi) by successfully integrating with VetMe, an inventive over-the-counter (OTC) platform operating on blockchain technology.

The partnership aims to integrate VetMe’s OTC trading functionalities seamlessly into the Horizen EON ecosystem, thereby setting a novel standard for adaptability and effectiveness in blockchain trading.

VetMe, a company renowned for its innovative solutions in the blockchain industry, presents over-the-counter trading options that provide users with exceptional flexibility.

By permitting token swaps to be executed without influencing market prices, this function grants traders greater control over their transactions.

The integration of Horizen EON with VetMe’s OTC trading functionality signifies a substantial advancement in the progression of decentralized finance.

Notable is the implementation of an over-the-counter exchange (OTC Dex), which enables direct transactions between peers, thereby promoting a decentralized and streamlined trading environment.

By utilizing Web3 technology, VetMe has successfully created an OTC derivatives platform that is both secure and user-friendly, guaranteeing expeditious and smooth transactions.

A notable attribute of the integration by VetMe is the incorporation of an escrow service, which functions as a dependable intermediary to alleviate vulnerabilities linked to fraudulent activities and miscommunication.

Furthermore, VetMe integrates a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure propelled by artificial intelligence, thereby augmenting the security and precision of identity verification.

Implementing these services enhances the efficacy and safety of the Horizen EON platform.

VetMe has established itself as a prominent participant in the blockchain sector, providing an extensive array of solutions such as OTC trading, escrow services, and vetting and KYC procedures propelled by artificial intelligence.

VetMe, an organization operating on the Ethereum network, is dedicated to influencing the trajectory of secure and streamlined transactions within the blockchain ecosystem.

Horizen EON, a smart contracting platform utterly compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs), is the inaugural smart contract sidechain in the Horizen ecosystem.

EON is precisely engineered to facilitate the efficient construction and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) on Horizen while also capitalizing on the complete potential of the Ethereum ecosystem.

EON is constructed with a strong emphasis on scalability and user experience. It functions using Horizen’s robust horizontal scaling protocol, Zendoo.

The incorporation of VetMe’s OTC trading functionalities into Horizen EON not only amplifies the trading versatility of the platform but also emphasizes the shared dedication of both initiatives to progress the security and functionalities of decentralized finance within the blockchain sector.

This alliance paves the way for additional collaborations and innovations in the dynamic realm of blockchain technology.

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