Hot Dog Restaurant Willy-Yums offers a 50% discount promotion to Dogecoin Fans

Dogecoin acceptance is growing larger, the Hot Dog restaurant owner who is a big fan of the Dog-themed cryptocurrency is giving out a 50% discount to customers who buy food and pay using Dogecoin in February.
Hot Dog Restaurant Willy-Yums offers a 50% discount promotion to Dogecoin Fans

In February, Willy-Yums, a family-owned hot dog business in Bradenton, Florida, will give anyone who buys with meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin a 50% discount, according to Patch.

The restaurant’s owner, Rob Williams, claims to have been a fan of the canine cryptocurrency for the past two years after discovering it on the renowned commission-free trading program Robinhood.

Williams was enticed to buy Dogecoin because of its inexpensive price, which was only $0.002 at the moment. Since then, the meme coin has increased by nearly 36,400%, reaching a high of $0.73 on May 8.

It’s inexpensive. It’s easy to get. It’s easy to share. It’s simple. It’s got a really cool mascot dog.

Williams praises Dogecoin’s “awesome mascot dog” and refers to it as “the people’s coin” in a dig to billionaire Elon Musk:

Before the discount sale, Willy-Yums had already begun accepting Dogecoin as a form of payment. To pay for their order, customers merely have to scan a QR code. Only a few people have offered to pay with DOGE each month so far, but Williams believes that the discount will make it more enticing.

The restaurant serves hot dogs from all across the United States.

Dogecoin’s widespread acceptance

Last year, the Dallas Mavericks, a professional basketball team owned by billionaire Mark Cuban, offered supporters who purchased in Dogecoin special discounts.

Dogecoin enthusiast from Utah began advertising that he would sell his home for a 10% discount to anyone who paid him in the canine cryptocurrency.

Despite the price drop, Dogecoin is gaining popularity among merchants, with e-car manufacturer Tesla now accepting it for certain of its brand items.

Williams claims to have read about Musk’s failed attempt to convince McDonald’s to accept Dogecoin.