How to convert all your digital arts to NFT and sell them

As the world of art evolves digitally, here is a simple process to convert your digital arts to NFT and sell them.

How to convert all your digital arts to NFT and sell them
How to convert all your digital arts to NFT and sell them

It is a new age of technology, and the world is experiencing a lot of changes. The world of art has also felt this change as we see the world moving from the traditional method of selling art to a digital method of selling artworks.

A lot of people do not know much about digital arts, but the number of people looking into it is increasing as the day goes by. It is even better that this digital art can be converted into assets that could be well priced. These digital artworks could be made into NFTs and sold for a whole lot of money.

This article will walk you through the process of converting all your digital art to NFTs and selling them.

What is a NFT?

A NFT, also called a non-fungible token, is a unique asset that cannot be changed or replaced by another item. It is stored on a blockchain like Ethereum or Solana, which allows it to be verified as unique and also validates the owner. Like a serial number, each token on the blockchain is distinct. NFTs are not only about digital images but could also include video games, songs, videos, GIFs, and other digital items.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies, which are fungible and can be replaced by another identical item. They can be created by anybody, requiring few or no coding skills to create. Many people are already exploring the world of NFTs as there is so much to profit from NFTs.

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How to convert all your digital arts to NFT and sell them

It is necessary to understand the basics of how to effectively make and sell your art as a non-fungible token. Here are five steps you could follow to convert your digital arts to NFT and sell them.

  • Create your Art
  • Select your blockchain marketplace/platform
  • Link your wallet to the NFT platform
  • Mint NFT
  • Sell NFT

Create your art

The first step to selling your NFT is creating your digital art piece. Although images are the most common form of NFT, your artwork could also come in other digital forms like written words, videos, music, video games, amongst other digital items.

You should think about a unique idea that your artwork stands for.

  • Would it be a single work or a collection of works?
  • What would attract my collectors to buy my artwork?

Create the right piece of artwork that you are not only good at, but you should also create something that your potential buyers can relate to.

Select your blockchain marketplace/platform

After creating your digital art, the next step is to choose the right platform to sell your digital art. There are some considerations you would have to look into before selecting the right platform for your digital art. File format, crypto token, transaction fees and security of the platform are some of the things you should look into before you decide to select your marketplace.

The platform should support your file format. Your file format could be PNG, JPEG, GIFs, amongst others. Some platforms are specifically for selling music as NFTs, others are just for selling images.

Another thing to consider is the crypto token used on the platform. The crypto-token is the cryptocurrency that the platform accepts for selling your art. The crypto token should be the same as what you have in your crypto wallet or what you are willing to buy in your crypto wallet.

You’d also have to consider the transaction fee for selling on the platform. For your to be able to sell your art on a platform, you would have to pay a minting fee. Some platforms charge the minting fee before listing your art, others charge while you sell the art.

Make sure to also take into consideration the security of the platform. You should be aware of how secure the platform is and also of whatever issues the platform has. Choosing a platform that is not secured could make you lose your art and even your transaction fee.

There are a lot of NFT platforms that you could choose from, but it is proper that you also know what type of platform you are choosing. The platform could either be curated or non-curated.

Curated platforms have more strict criteria for minting your NFT. The artist is expected to send in an application containing details of the art and previous experiences. Curated platforms take a longer time to sell your art, but they are more trusted by buyers. Super Rare and Nifty Gateway are examples of curated platforms.

Non-curated platforms, also called self-service platforms, give more free access to artists. You would only need to link your crypto wallet to the marketplace and pay a transaction fee to mint your NFT. Opensea and Rarible are examples of non-curated platforms.

Artists should select a platform that is suitable not only for their digital art but also for their potential buyers.

 Link your wallet to the NFT platform

After choosing your NFT platform, it is now time to connect your crypto wallet to the marketplace. This is why you have to select a platform that uses the same token as the one in your crypto wallet.

If you do not have a crypto wallet, you could set up your own. Most marketplaces use Ethereum, so it is better to choose an Ethereum-based wallet.

Mint NFT

The next step is to convert your digital art into NFT. To do this, all you need to do is to register yourself as an artist on the platform. Creating an NFT artist account allows you to be able to sell your digital art on the platform.

After creating your artist account, you can now mint your art. Minting is the act of converting your digital art into crypto collections or digital assets recorded on the blockchain.

For you to mint your art, search for the “Add New Item” button on the platform. This allows the user to upload the digital art that they wish to convert into NFT. Once the uploading of your digital art is completed, click the “create” button. After this process, your digital art becomes secure and tamper-proof, as well as hard to manipulate. This ends the process of creating your NFT.

Sell NFT

Since your art is now digital, you can now sell your art.

There are different ways to sell your digital art on a platform, but the most common are fixed-price sales and auctions.

As the name implies, fixed price sales involve setting a price for your NFT. The buyer would pay for the price you have set for your artwork.

On the other hand, auction sales allow buyers to bid on your art. It could be done online or on a live show. You could sell your art at an English auction in which the highest bidder wins or a Dutch auction in which the price decreases until someone buys it.

Some platforms would also ask you to set royalty fees. This is the amount you get if the art is resold.


We see technology advancing with new and unique features, and right now the world is adapting to a better form of selling artwork. Artworks can now be sold digitally and they are called NFTs.

Artists can now make a whole lot of money from selling their artworks. Making and selling digital art entails the following steps: creating outstanding art; selecting the best platform to sell your art; obtaining a crypto wallet that is linked to your NFT platform; registering as an NFT artist; minting your art; selling it via your preferred method.

With these steps, you would have successfully created your digital art and also put it up for sale on your preferred platform.

You do not have to be a renowned artist to sell your art as an NFT. It is even better to know that artists can keep earning from their art through royalties.