Japanese NFTs recognize local governments’ work

Japanese NFTs recognize local governments’ work

Seven mayors got NFT honors for easing the public’s life in their localities

Japanese NFTs recognize local governments’ work

The Japanese government was one of the first to distribute nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as an additional reward for local authorities who had demonstrated excellence in utilizing digital technology to address local problems.

During the “Summer Digi Denkoshien 2022” ceremony, the awards were presented by the cabinet secretariat, a government organization led by the country’s chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno.

Fumio Kishida, the nation’s prime minister, also attended the event, according to Coinpost.

Seven mayors were honored for the initiatives they took in their cities to promote the digital economy.

They included the mayor of Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture, whose government advocated the use of electric vehicles for local delivery.

Maebashi in the Gunma Prefecture received an NFT prize as well for their concept of a platform that makes use of mobile device cameras to track changes in traffic conditions in real-time.

The proof of attendance protocol was utilized to issue the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (POAP). The issued NFTs have been designed to be suited for memorials and are non-transferable.

These NFTs cannot be traded on the secondary market since they are non-transferable.

The Hazama Base, a low-cost blockchain platform from Indiesquare, was used to issue the NFTs.

NFTs were issued and distributed previously on the same platform during a Liberal Democratic Party Youth Bureau event.

The government of Japan, which is renowned for being pro-innovation and technology, has regulated cryptocurrencies as a trading instrument.

The nation’s prime leader has already expressed interest in using NFTs a number of times. As a result, the recent government initiative might be continued as a tradition.

NFTs were very popular during the height of the bull run, but since the crypto market has experienced a fall, so has consumer interest in NFTs.

Initiatives launched by the Japanese government show how the emerging technology is being adopted outside of the market, despite many experts dismissing NFTs as a bull run-fueled craze.