Japanese social media giant LINE to open NFT Marketplace On April 13th

LINE, a popular social media platform, has announced its entry into the non-fungible token (NFT) market. On April 13, the firm announced the launching of “LINE NFT,” a comprehensive marketplace.
Japanese social media giant LINE to open NFT Marketplace On April 13th
Japanese social media giant, line.

Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings will be one of 17 major companies associated with the marketplace. Z Holdings, a subsidiary of Line, is also entering the market, releasing its worldwide NFT platform “DOSI” on April 19.

LINE marketplace will sell over 100 types of NFTs

As many big industry players have revealed their plans for digital assets and the virtual market, NFT adoption has soared this year.

LINE Blockchain Lab was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing a platform for developers to register and issue NFTs as well as construct services. The company also offers users a ‘LINE BITMAX Wallet’ to store digital assets.  However, you can only exchange NFTs with individuals who have signed up for LINE. More than 100 different types of NFTs are expected to be supported and sold on the platform.

The company stated that it intends to provide NFT grants as buying incentives and to link the entire network with digital assets in the future. Meanwhile, ‘Yoshimoto NFT Theater’ and ‘Yoshimoto Stamp NFT’ will be available for purchase following the marketplace’s introduction.

According to the press release, the following firms and contents are currently participating in the launch:

  • Entertainment: JR East Japan Marketing & Communications, TV Asahi, Yoshimoto Kogyo
  • Sports: B.LEAGUE, J League Trading Soccer, Kohei Uchimura
  • Game: Square Enix
  • Anime: Mobile Police Patlabor
  • Artist: Nissy
  • Characters: Usagyun! / Minto Inc, Gyunyu, GIFMAGAZINE, Betakuma / Minto Inc, Yashiro Azuki, Yoshi Stamp
  • Event: I wish it was midnight all the time, Dwango

Meanwhile, Z Holdings, a Softbank subsidiary, will launch DOSI in 180 countries. By the first quarter of 2022, the company aims to have accomplished this. However, due to license constraints, the platform is unavailable in Russia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.