Jennifer Hicks Leaves Binance

Jennifer Hicks Leaves Binance

Jennifer Hicks Leaves Binance

According to her LinkedIn profile, Jennifer Hicks, who formerly served as Senior Counter-Terrorism Official at Binance, has reportedly departed from the cryptocurrency exchange.

As per the profile, Hicks departed from Binance this month, following nearly two years of service to the organization.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange globally is Binance. The investigation specialist has previous experience from both Chainalysis and the United States Navy.

The initial media outlet to report on the departure was Bloomberg.

Recently, there has been considerable debate surrounding the utilization of cryptocurrencies to finance terrorism in the United States, where Hicks asserts to have been in his capacity with Binance.

This is due to the assertion made in a recent report that Hamas and other militant organizations amassed cryptocurrencies valued at millions of dollars before launching a catastrophic assault on Israel.

Legislators in the United States have requested that President Joe Biden provide further details regarding the potential utilization of crypto by Hamas.

In the days that followed the study, Elliptic, a blockchain forensics company, stated that recent data used to illustrate the magnitude of cryptocurrency fundraising by terrorist organizations had been inflated. The report made use of these figures.

Nevertheless, the implementation of know-your-customer and counter-terrorism protocols by cryptocurrency exchanges, most notably Binance, has become increasingly contentious in the last twelve months.

This results from the increased regulatory scrutiny that trading platforms have encountered, primarily in the United States.

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