Louis Vuitton releases new NFT

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton continues to adopt the metaverse with the release of new NFTs as reward in its stand-alone mobile app game Louis: The Game.
Louis Vuitton releases new NFT
Louis Vuitton releases new NFT

With the introduction of PFP-inspired NFT prizes in its stand-alone mobile app game Louis: The Game, luxury fashion company Louis Vuitton is going forward with its experiments with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In August of 2021, the game was initially released. Players enter a world where they can dress up their Vivienne, a brand-inspired avatar, and collect postcards that teach them about the brand’s 200-year history. According to Vogue Business, which broke the story first, the company has added new objectives and NFT incentives to the app.

Players who acquire a particular number of free NFTs in the game will be entered into an NFT raffle, which will run until August 4 (Louis Vuitton’s birthday, according to one of the game’s postcards).

Players can win one of ten new NFTs featuring Vivienne in a variety of looks that will be transferrable across many platforms, similar to a PFP.

The NFTs were minted using Louis Vuitton’s Ethereum wallet in partnership with Beeple’s startup Wenew Labs, which also collaborated with sibling company Possible.

Fashion brands and the metaverse

Given how many luxury and fashion firms are already utilizing these technologies, Louis Vuitton’s move into NFT is unsurprising. Burberry, like LV, released an NFT character for Blankos Block Party, an online multiplayer game.

These brands use NFTs and other Web3 technology to appeal to a younger demographic. Decentraland hosted the metaverse fashion week last month. Forever21, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci were among the labels represented.