Major BNB Whale buys 8.9M Dogecoin

WhaleStats has revealed that a BNB whale in the top 100 of the largest 1,000 BNB whales acquired 8.9 million Dogecoin a little more than three hours to.
Major BNB Whale buys 8.9M Dogecoin

BNB Whale purchases about 9 Million worth of Dogecoin

According to the WhaleStats scale, the whale that made the purchase of 8,999,983 Dogecoin is ranked 75th out of 1,000 BNB whales in terms of purchasing power. Binance Coin (BNB) is held by the address 0x51ca31fc7efb55db794378695ef3506aba0883d2, which has a value of $296,301 and accounts for 20.75 percent of its portfolio.

However, it is DODO, not BNB, that is the most valuable token in terms of USD value. It accounts for 25.7 percent of the whale’s total cryptocurrency holdings and is worth $366,885 dollars. His portfolio has a total worth of $788,980 USD, which is less than one million dollars.

🐋 A BNB whale just bought 8,999,983 $doge ($1,471,326 USD).Ranked #75 on WhaleStats: Transaction: #DOGE #BEP20 #BNB #whalestats— WhaleStats – the top 1000 BSC richlist (@WhaleStatsBSC) February 8, 2022

 361 million Dogecoin Transferred in 10 hours

According to the Dogecoin Whale Alert, a significant sum of DOGE has been traded in the last 10 hours, well above the amount specified in the initial portion of the post.

As a result, more than 361 million Dogecoins have been transferred in more than a dozen transactions by Dogecoin whales. The two largest lumps each contained 100 million and 70 million DOGE respectively.

Smaller transactions saw a reduction in the amount of Dogecoin used, from 40 million to 7 million. Dogecoin is gaining popularity at the same time that its price is growing. According to data provided by CoinMarketCap, the original meme cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.1656, having gained more than 5 percent in the previous 24 hours.

Major BNB Whale buys 8.9M Dogecoin

Dogecoin cofounder on DOGE utility

Billy Markus, a cofounder of DOGE, took to Twitter to propose a crypto utility formula that is free of “buzzwords.” He thinks it’s the capacity to move money fast and cheaply to acquire goods and services. Dogecoin, he seems to believe, exemplifies this utility.

The Dogecoin Twitter account has surpassed three million followers, marking a new milestone. With 2.7 million followers, it outnumbers the competing Shiba Inu Twitter account.

The DOGE account has witnessed an astounding 681 percent increase in followers in the last year.