MakerDAO Co-founder Dies At 29 In Puerto Rico

MakerDAO co-founder dies at 29 in Puerto Rico. Mushegian was an important figure in the crypto community, contributing to multiple projects, such as MakerDAO, BitShares and Balancer.

The local newspaper El Nuevo Día stated that Mushegian drowned after being pulled by water currents to the Condado beach in San Juan. By the time his body was saved, Mushegian showed no indications of life.Considered one of the world’s most hazardous swimming locations, the Condado beach is expected to claim the life of at least eight swimmers in 2021.

On October 28, the morning, local authorities received a report of the terrible incident. A police report states that Mushegian lived in San Juan. According to reports, a local prosecutor and the San Juan Homicide Division looked at the site.With his contributions to numerous industry projects, Mushegian played a significant role in the cryptocurrency community. Some even referred to him as a “Dai architect.”

The 29-year-old cryptocurrency developer is well-known for his work on the proof-of-stake BitShares blockchain network and the MakerDAO forks Rico and Rai. Mushegian is also a founding member of Balancer, an automated market maker.On October 31, MakerDAO founder and CEO Rune Christensen posted on Twitter that Mushegian had made significant contributions to Maker’s development and had performed key work from the early days of Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, claimed on Twitter to have known Mushegian back when BitShares existed. Hoskinson described the coder as

“He was a very young and extremely bright man who had a very wide array of interests from game theory to Urbit,”

adding that the programmer had a profound understanding of technology. Craig Sellars, co-creator of Tether, remarked that Mushegian’s passing occurred just a few days after the MakerDAO community decided to give the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase custody of $1.6 billion in USD coin. On social media, Mushegian participated actively in the community.

At the time of writing, his Twitter account, Delete_shitcoin, has roughly 5,500 followers. Just a few hours before he passed away, he sent out his final tweet, which alluded to rumors of possible blackmail from the Mossad and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. Similar remarks were made by Mushegian in the past on Twitter, where he alluded to a potential CIA “suicide” as one of his probable outcomes.