maxxer is the first centralized and regulated digital asset exchange that focuses and rewards a communal and social trading system. We are making crypto investing and trading accessible and simple; guiding both new and experienced investors through the ever-changing cryptocurrency markets in your own maxxer community.


social trading

Social trading is a form of investing that allows investors to observe, follow, and copy other traders. maxxer creates a communal space so YOU know who the best traders to follow are!


Find out who the best traders are through the maxxer Social Trading League! Become a Social Trader and move your way up through the 5 different leagues, each with their own rewards.

watch, read, share

maxxer’s focus is to Make Money Together. Our ecosystem provides a communal hub for new crypto investors to interact and learn from the experienced in a secure environment.

social trading leagues

a highly competitive ranking system

The best performing social traders in each league shall be rewarded not only financially, but socially as well. By giving badges to the top performers in each league, investors will instantly see who is performing the best and flock to them, while other social traders will look on with envy and try to take over those top spots.

The badges will provide the top performers with the status of being an expert trader, whilst also providing a visual incentive for newer traders to advance in rank.

ease of use

there’s a trading option for everyone

maxxer offers all trading opportunities to include everyone’s style; try the mobile app for simplified charts, several trading options such as swapping & stop/loss, or try the web app where more complex charting is used. maxxer offers a friendly, fast and functional trading platform to fit YOUR style.

power of community create your own space on maxxer

Join or create a community on maxxer through social traders or other active community members. Connect with likeminded people to discuss trading, portfolios and anything else!

Our badge system doesn’t only reward people who perform the best trading wise but also those who are active and constructive community members.

with maxxercrypto is for everyone

whether you’re a novice or an expert

  • Do you consider yourself a novice or expert trader? We are the new platform that caters to both. Join maxxer, centralised and regulated CEX and Social Trading Platform.
  • Full-time worker and no time to monitor charts and research your investments? Join maxxer for a space to learn and copy Social Traders.
  • Consider yourself an expert? Become a Social Trader, advance through the maxxer trading leagues and show people you’re the right one to copy!

token features

trade at a discount

When you use the MXXR token to pay for trading commissions, you get a 50% discount. When actually making a trade, you can directly see how the fees and spread influences your trade.

token features

charity donating

At maxxer we are dedicated to helping make the world a better place, and as such 2% of all transaction fees will be donated in our $MXXR charity pool.

Each quarter the charity pool will be distributed with people able to directly donate additional $MXXR tokens in order to vote proportionally on where that money goes, receiving a receipt for their donation and maxxer rewards as an added bonus! All donations will be made in the name of the donors.


1% of all transaction fees paid with the $MXXR token will be put into a lottery fund with one $MXXR token equaling one raffle ticket, giving users of the maxxer exchange even more reason to not just buy, but hold $MXXR as well.

tipping content creators

By creating your own space for social content we will let you support those that provide genuinely good and useful content by tipping them. This removes the need for influencers to turn to external sources of income and actually punishes them for it as people will only want to reward those who give out good advice.