Mayur Kamat Joins N26 as CPO

Mayur Kamat Joins N26 as CPO

Mayur Kamat Joins N26 as CPO

Mayur Kamat aims to leverage technology to prioritize customer needs and deliver exceptional experiences.

With the increasing need for cutting-edge and client-focused banking solutions, N26 has made a significant move by appointing Mayur Kamat as its Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Kamat’s previous employers included Agoda, Google, Microsoft, and most recently, Binance, where he oversaw product and design teams in the emerging regulated sector of cryptocurrencies. These companies have provided him with a wealth of experience.

Mayur Kamat will supervise the product and user experience teams across the bank’s office and technology centers in Berlin, Barcelona, and Vienna in his new capacity as CPO.

The global product strategy of N26, which includes spending, saving, investment, credit, and shared banking functionalities, will be under his delivery.

“N26 has created a bank that customers adore,” Kamat remarked.

“By leveraging advanced technological innovations, prioritizing customer needs, and delivering exceptional user experiences, N26 empowers our clientele to accumulate wealth and improve their relationship with money.”

N26’s Strategic Move: Welcoming Mayur Kamat as CPO

Kamat has held the positions of SVP and Head of Product at Binance for the previous two years.

However, since January 2024, when he departed the organization, he has been destitute for the past two months. He will commence his voyage with the German neobank at this moment.

Mayur Kamat is scheduled to start his new position in the second quarter of this year. He will report to N26’s CEO, Valentin Stalf, directly from the Barcelona location. Mayur, as stated by Stalf, will “introduce a new dimension to the N26 team.”

The CEO continued, “With Mayur, we acquire a global product leader with international experience and connections to some of the most renowned technology brands in the world.”

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