Moonbirds NFT Sells For A Record $800,000 As Demand Ramps Up

In less than a week after its launch, A Moonbird NFT sold for over $800,000, marking a new record for the fast-growing NFT collection. The collection’s sales and value have surged since its successful launch last week.
Moonbirds NFT Sells For A Record $800,000 As Demand Ramps Up

Moonbirds #7205 sold for around 265 wrapped ETH, or about $804,600, according to NFT Go data. The figure represents the collection’s largest sale and is also one of the most valuable NFT sales in recent weeks.

The Proof Collective, which claims to be a private group of 1000 NFT collectors and artists, produced the collection. According to reports, popular artist Beeple, who holds the record for the most valuable NFT sale – is among its ranks.

Moonbirds NFT Sells For A Record $800,000 As Demand Ramps Up

Moonbirds take flight

Moonbirds is currently the most traded NFT collection by volume, with 24-hour volumes of $54.5 million, up 51%. Trading in the collection has surpassed past peers such as Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and Azuki.

Moonbirds is now worth around $266.5 million, more than twice its launch market capital. The token’s current floor price is around 33 ETH, which is more than ten times its minting price of 2.5 ETH.

The collection includes 10,000 unique images of owls, with rewards for holding each token for a longer period. Moonbirds, like Bored Apes, also offer membership to an exclusive club that is affiliated with the Proof Collective.

Scams pour in

However, as the collection’s popularity grew, so did the number of scams and phishing attempts on Twitter. Hackers had used verified Twitter accounts to send links claiming to be associated with Moonbirds, according to reports.

Users were persuaded to link their crypto wallets using the links, following which their funds and NFTs were quickly drained.

Moonbirds founder Justin Mezzell took to Twitter to warn users about the hackers urging them to be cautious. The official Moonbirds Twitter account also condemned the attacks and said the project had no other channels beyond its website.