Move&Earn moves to the next level with AMAZY

AMAZY users would be able to earn even more money than they previously could and do necessary tasks considerably more affordably.
Move&Earn moves to the next level with AMAZY
Move&Earn moves to the next level with AMAZY

With AMAZY’s introduction into the move-2-earn market, the true meaning of the phrase was established. AMAZY reinvented what it meant to get people to exercise while earning money by drawing on the well-known play-to-earn genre.

But AMAZY’s distinction from the competition was not limited to the prizes it offered. With all transactions based on the blockchain, it offers a marketplace where users may trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a result, it is an entirely transparent platform.

The product is positioned as Move&Earn because AMAZY reasoned that concentrating exclusively on the move-2-earn sphere could limit the role of fitness and the benefits it offers customers.

They are currently moving forward one more step. There will be some updates to awards and new features. Users are able to earn even more money than they previously could and do necessary tasks considerably more affordably.

More activity, more benefits

For AMAZY users, August is a month chock full of treats. The AMAZY Marketplace, where users may buy and sell NFT sneakers and boxes, was introduced. The ability to trade sneakers and boxes on a native platform is a game-changer because they are obviously crucial components of the AMAZY ecosystem.

Additionally, AMAZY stated that rent-2-earn might be available in the future. Users will be able to rent NFT sneakers from other users to make money on the platform, while the owners of the sneakers will be able to generate passive income from renting out their NFTs.

Prior to this, major exchanges launched AZY, the AMAZY platform’s official governance token. In the first four hours following the token’s debut on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as PancakeSwap, OKX, ByBit, MEXC Global, and, $20,000,000 in trading activity was recorded for the token. On CoinMarketCap, the coin was listed and monitored the same day.

Better opportunities for AMAZY

The AMAZY ecosystem is getting some exciting changes, according to founders Artem Nikolaev and Sergey Kosenko. The platform’s co-founders, who have a plethora of combined experience in both the gaming and marketing industries, announced these new enhancements.

The physical fitness trackers come first (bands). Nowadays, fitness trackers are as common in the gym as a set of weights. As a result, AMAZY decided to incorporate them into the platform. Users will be able to use the AMAZY app both inside and outside, such as at a gym, if they have a fitness tracker.

The debut of the AMAZY blockchain game is another development. Because it is based on a smartphone game that is already popular, the co-founders teased that the game will be intriguing for many players. Although the identity of the game has not yet been revealed, anticipation is high.

Not to mention, AMAZY keeps up a significant influencer campaign. Due to this, the platform has partnered with more than 350 well-known bloggers, athletes, and celebrities who collectively have more than 750,000 global followers. Dallas Austin, a Grammy Award-winning singer, Ken Griffey, a Hall of Fame basketball player, and Jermaine Alfred Denny, a well-known rapper, are just a handful of the people already mentioned on the website.

The cherry on top is that the AMT and AZY coins would be used in both of the upcoming releases, a blockchain game, and a fitness tracker. Because it makes both tokens more practical, it will support their value. Early fall 2022 is when more details on these are anticipated.