My Life In Crypto with Joy Dahunsi

“At first, it was not easy for me but as time went on I got a hand around some of the concepts in the crypto space.”
Joy Dahunsi
Joy Dahunsi

How did you begin getting into crypto?

Joy: I got info from a friend about an application for a content writer at Coinscreed. I applied for the job and that was my first step in the crypto space.

Before your friend told you about a job, crypto was never present in your space. You had no business with crypto?

Joy: No business. But I have been hearing about cryptocurrency from people and seeing stuff on social media but I paid no interest.

Wow, and why was that? You don’t like being a Bitcoin Lord?

Joy: Lol. I just knew I don’t have money for that yet. Imagine losing out on the little money I have.

Fair enough. What were doing in your industry before switching to crypto or blockchain content?

Joy: I was a student. I just finished my BSC. in Food Science

How is managing and drafting content in the crypto space?

Joy: Different crypto-related concepts and websites come up daily, making it easy to draw inspiration and also learn more while writing.

Crypto is generally technical. As a newbie, how did you navigate creating content on Crypto? Especially with learning the terms?

Joy: At first it was not easy for me but as time went on I got a hand around some of the concepts in the cryptocurrency space.

How? Did you take a course? Get a mentor? Visit crypto Twitter 5 times daily?

Joy: I just read more about things that confused me, crypto Twitter also helped, and interacting with these concepts daily did well too

What is your favorite blockchain-related topic to explore and why? (Blockchain, Web3, NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, etc)

Joy: I like to write on the metaverse. I find it fascinating

Why? Because of the metaverse puppies?

Joy: Lol, Nah. Because it gives an insight into the virtual environment. I’m also looking forward to using a metaverse headset and going into the virtual world. I hear it’s exciting.

Great to know. Hope you do someday.

Joy: Sure, very soon.

Now as the head of content for a media brand, what kind of content do you feel will attract more people to the crypto space?

Joy: Well readers are learners, an article on a cryptocurrency basis would do them justice.

What else?

Joy: Asides from physically engaging people, I think video content will do well too. People like to see things before they believe them. As we say in cryptocurrency, DYOR


Joy: Do Your own research

Put yourself in the shoes of a person learning crypto for the first time. What would you have wanted that you didn’t get in your learning process?

Joy: I lacked a physical teacher I would say and when you talk with people online and don’t understand them they most times ask you to DYOR