NFT Whales are swooning over the Adidas Originals Collection 

DappRadar, a popular NFT and Defi dapp shop, recently published research that looked at the trading habits of three prominent NFT whales. It discovered that the whales had a lot of exposure to certain collections and initiatives, such as Adidas Originals and Doodles.

NFT Whales are swooning over the Adidas Originals Collection 

What are the whales up to these days?

The three whales covered in the article — Pranksy, Dingaling, and Wilcox – had a combined net worth of $242.7 million. However, each appears to use distinct trading tactics. Pranksy is a more aggressive trader (5000 NFTs minted, 5200 flipped), whereas Wilcox is a much more passive trader (1000 minted, 100 flipped).

Pranksy is the richest of the three collectors, having almost $120 million in NFTs alone in his wallet. He is the fourth-largest possessor of the Doodles collection, with 101 items. He also has 1450 Avastars and 2100 crypto cats. The investor has coined over 54,000 NFTs and collected over 2100 items in the last six months.

The interest in Metaverse NFTs is a common thread that runs across all three collectors. In “The Sandbox,” a 3D open world blockchain-based video game, each player controls enormous parcels of land. Dingaling has 157 Voxies and 150 VoxoDeus in his collection of NFT avatars. Wilcox, on the other hand, is the owner of CryptoVoxel land, Meta Key NFTs, and five CyberKongz VX.

The Adidas Originals NFTs have been very popular among these whales. Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pixel Vault, and GMoney collaborated on the collection, which was released in December.

For 0.2 ETH, any holders of the aforementioned collections might mint these NFTs. Pranksy had 4,700 pieces made, followed by Dingaling (476), and Wilcox (99). They haven’t been flipped yet by any of these people.

NFTs are increasing in number

Even in the face of a weakening crypto market earlier this year, NFT trading has been extremely busy recently. Within the first 40 days of 2022, they’ve generated $6.7 billion in trading volume, which is already 60% of the Q4 volume of 2021.

This is due in part to the recent surge of celebrities who have purchased and promoted NFTs. For $462,000, musician Eminem purchased a Bored Ape to start the year. Justin Bieber purchased a portion of the same collection for $1.3 million at the end of January, followed by a $470,000 purchase a few days later.