Obama’s former senior adviser joins Ripple’s Board of Directors

Michael Warren, a former top adviser in the White House under former US President Barack Obama’s first administration, has joined Ripple’s board of directors. He hopes to help Ripple expand its footprint in the global market.
Obama's former senior adviser joins Ripple's Board of Directors

Warren said in his statement that he wants to work with Ripple to “move the needle ahead” on crypto rules, referring to the company’s ongoing dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has hindered its growth in the United States.

Warren is presently the managing director of Albright Stonebridge Group, a multinational consulting firm. During the Clinton administration, he also served as director of the National Economic Council.

In a statement, CEO Brad Garlinghouse lauded Warren’s track record, saying that his knowledge will be “an incredible resource” for his organization. As part of Ripple’s expansion strategy, Warren is anticipated to assist the company in expanding its footprint in global markets and driving product adoption.

Ripple’s board of Directors

As previously reported, Ripple appointed JPMorgan Sandie O’Connor to its board of directors in December 2020, only weeks before the SEC case was filed.

Regulatory constraints, on the other hand, could not prevent former US Treasury Secretary Rosie Rios from joining the company’s board of directors in May 2021.

Former diplomat Anja Manuel, former Counselor to the Secretary of the United States Treasury Department Craig Phillips, SBI Ripple Asia CEO Masashi Okuyama, and economics professor Susan Athey are among Ripple’s board members.

The SEC has charged Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen, the two remaining members, with making improper securities offerings. The court recently denied their dual pleas to dismiss the lawsuit.