OpenSea claims market will not allow forked NFTs after Merge

The team will only support NFTs on the proof-of-stake chain, according to OpenSea, despite the fact that they do not speculate on forks.
OpenSea claims market will not allow forked NFTs after Merge
OpenSea claims market will not allow forked NFTs after Merge

The nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea has announced that it would concentrate on serving just the NFTs that are on the enhanced proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain as the Ethereum Merge deadline draws near.

The NFT marketplace stated in a tweet that while its team isn’t making predictions about probable forks, if there are any, they won’t affect OpenSea because the platform would only support the upgraded chain.

In order to ensure a seamless transition during the next Ethereum Merge, the NFT marketplace also stated that its staff is preparing the NFT trading platform for any problems that may develop.

Although the team is certain that there won’t be any significant problems, it reassured the community that it will monitor, manage, and keep in touch with its consumers throughout the entire process. Additionally, they urged programmers to review the Merge’s details on the Ethereum website.

In addition to OpenSea, Chainlink also pledged its support for the Ethereum mainnet’s move to PoS. The protocol will not support any Ethereum forks that might occur after the Merge, the team emphasized. The team gave its community the reassurance that it is making every effort to be ready for any problems that might arise during the changeover.

The price of Ether (ETH) may vary as a result of the economic design changes following the Merge, analyst Lex Sokolin underlined in a recent interview. The economist thinks that the modifications to the protocol will naturally affect how much ETH is available. Despite this, the economist understood that nothing is certain yet and that any changes in the token’s price will be determined by the market.

The native asset for the hypothetical ETHPoW split, which might be supported by Ethereum’s PoW miners, is currently trading at $100 despite not yet been created. After several exchanges began to feature ETHW and ETHPoS (ETHS) on their trading platforms, this took place.