Picasso’s Granddaughter Declares That the Family Will Continue to Produce NFTs

Marina Picasso, the granddaughter of famed painter and artist Pablo Picasso, delivered a statement on YouTube today in reaction to her and her adopted son Florian’s Ethereum NFTs collection after a family feud.
Picasso’s Granddaughter Declares That the Family Will Continue to Produce NFTs
Picasso’s Granddaughter Declares That the Family Will Continue to Produce NFTs

In the video, she stated her support for NFT technology and revealed that her uncle, Claude Picasso, has now joined the project’s board of directors. Marina stated that she and Florian will “continue to make NFTs” in the future.

NFTs are one-of-a-kind tokens that exist on blockchain networks such as Ethereum or Solana and are used to establish ownership of a digital or real asset. Each token in the Marina and Florian Picasso NFTs represents ownership of an.mp4 piece of art inspired by one of Pablo Picasso’s renowned bowls.

“I have a 30-year-old son who is really interested in NFTs,” Marina stated via a translator in the video. “It piqued my interest, so I looked into it, and I discovered that it’s a new technology that allows us to engage with art.” It piqued my interest. And it was in this spirit that she and her son decided to launch their first NFT collection,” she explained.

Claude Picasso allegedly didn’t approve the NFTs

Since allegations revealed that Claude Picasso, president of the Picasso Administration, did not initially approve of the NFTs, their “Man and the Beat” series has struggled to sell at its high mint price of 2 ETH apiece (approximately $5,800). Despite celebrities such as musician John Legend endorsing the initiative, few items have been sold since the collection debuted over three weeks ago.

The collection is still hosted by the decentralized marketplace Origin Protocol on a dedicated website.

“Unfortunately, our thoughts were not articulated as they should have been, and in respect to some members of my family who already had a difference of opinion, there was a true misunderstanding that didn’t help anyone,” Marina said in the video. “I have the backing of my uncle, Claude Picasso… he’s committed his life to defend my grandpa, his father’s heritage,” she stated.

Marina went on to say that Claude has now “supported” the NFT collection and that the family “will continue to produce NFTs.” According to a lawyer for the Picasso Administration, only Claude could authorize the NFT proposal as an official Pablo Picasso NFT initiative in January.

That prospect looks to be back on the table now.