Play It Forward DAO

FIRST GUILD TO MARKET IN 2022, Play It Forward DAO redefines Play-to-Earn by enabling a Plug-and-Play Metaverse

Poised to be the growth engine of the Metaverse, with a unique dual business model:

– Guild management SaaS platform with 20,000+ users pre-launch (P2E Board)

– 3rd largest guild globally with 3,000+ scholars (PIF Guild)

P2E Board – one-stop platform to connect guilds with scholars, where guilds can find, track, manage, and pay their scholars across multiple games – in the process making Play-to-Earn more accessible. The central repository of gamers’ and guilds’ performance data in the Metaverse

PIF Guild – 40,000+ community with 3,000+ scholars across multiple games (Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Pegaxy), earned 21 million+ SLP to date. Partnered with exchanges to pay scholars in fiat and make Play-to-Earn more accessible

Backed by the biggest names in crypto and venture capital – Signum, Kyber, UOBVM, Jump Capital, GBV, LD Capital, Great South Gate, Octava, AU21, Double Peak and many more. Advisors include the who’s who of gaming – Paul LinChen (Head of APAC Strategy, Activision Blizzard) and Dave Waslen (CEO, Wilder World)

PIF holders will benefit from multiple token accrual mechanisms:

– Growing Guild revenues across our markets and varied game scholarships

– Increasing P2E Board platform revenue from guilds and players using our premium tools and services

– Appreciation of Treasury NAV via early stage investments in GameFi governance tokens and NFTs

– Active Treasury management from buybacks using DAO revenues and price support in times of weakness

Our staking program is inspired by Protocol-Owned Liquidity mechanisms like Olympus DAO, which incentivizes long-term holding over simplistic staking. Stakers will vote on distribution of DAO rewards – over time, PIF DAO will become an algorithmic liquidity provider for GameFi

PIF DAO broadens access to the Metaverse and allows all gamers to achieve financial freedom via Play-to-Earn. Over time, we will serve as the bridge between sources and users of capital for the Metaverse