Pump and Dump

Let us introduce the Pump and Dump (P&D) token

P&D is a fast BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

There are the known benefits through the chosen blockchain technology. In addition, there are the following reasons to participate in the ICO:

1. It is a big problem for crypto investors not to know when investments crash

P&D solves the problem by announcing the day it will crash. The closure of 50% of the P&D tokens will end on December 21, 2025, and will be for sale immediately. Because of the planned crash, Pump and Dump was chosen as the name for the token. Normally, an investment in an asset class that works according to the pump and dump scheme is an incalculable risk, but this danger only threatens if the crash takes you by surprise. This is your unique opportunity!

2. It is honest and trustworthy

All the transactions are traceable.

3. Charity

Every transaction supports charity. Two-thirds of the tax-deductible goes to a generous charity included while targeting the moon. From the two-third, one-half will go to a cancer research wallet and the other half to an animal shelter wallet.

Final goal:

The ultimate goal is for 1 P&D TOKEN to be equivalent to 1 USD, which we believe should be achieved by the year 2025. This would place P&D as the fourth largest cryptocurrency.

Additional ICO information:

  • P&D ICO is offered at low prices. We offer ICO investors a 50% discount to become part of P&D and enjoy the associated high returns. They also enjoy 0% automatic LP and tax. This only applies during the ICO, after which everyone has to pay LP and tax.
  • The tokens will be sent to the user’s wallet in real time

NFT lottery:

As you can see on the roadmap from the website, there will be a NFT lottery in the future. The NFT lottery is purely promotional but the winnings are real. The chance of winning is 1 of 10, and each winner will receive 50 million P&D tokens.

About us:

We are a focused, motivated, and technically interested team. We understood cryptocurrencies
to be a great opportunity for the future – one that has a massive positive impact on the next
decades. We aim to contribute to a better society and have created P&D to do so. Admittedly,
at first, we thought we were being selfish and that there was a danger of only making ourselves
publicly important by working for cancer research, animal shelters, and wealth creation. To
solve this problem, we decided to appear anonymously under a pseudonym, namely William
Pumpforce. Inspired by William Wilberforce, who acted as a leader in the fight against slavery.
Of course, there is no slavery anymore. But many people have to work every day in jobs they
don’t even like just to survive and due to their sense of responsibility for their beloved family.
We want to give you back your freedom knowing that you are not selfish.

We are looking forward to your investment!

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